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UPDATED: Why A Two-State Solution Will Never Happen

There are three major reasons why a two-State Solution has never materialized, in spite of previous attempts by several Israeli prime ministers & American presidents. They are Religion, Politics, and of course, the exorbitant personal financial gains to the leaders themselves, proving the need to change the Palestinian leadership, and their national agenda of funding violence to perpetuate the status quo.

By Phillip Pasmanick


The political reasons:

Every attempt to secure an agreement of peace has been refused by Arab leadership.

    • Peace would/should mean the Arab’s end to ‘war/conflict’ with Israel and the Jews. – But that thought is seen as intolerable, unacceptable, even as a total betrayal of beliefs among radical Islamists in the Palestinian Authority.
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Abbas is worried the ‘Arab Quartet’ plans of peace with Israel may succeed


The “Arab Quartet” and not Israeli policy, is Abbas’s true nightmare, since their promotion of the president’s rival, Mohamed Dahlan to facilitate their efforts promoting peace with Israel, will finally end Abbas’s dream of never-ending power — at the expense and well-being of his people.

Abbas to Arab Leaders: Go to Hell! By Khaled Abu Toameh


In his speech last week before the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas trotted out his usual charges against Israel, citing “collective punishment,” “house demolitions,” “extrajudicial executions” and “ethnic cleansing.” However, Abbas’s thoughts seem to be elsewhere these days. Continue Reading »

Terror victim’s husband sends letter to Ban Ki Moon condemning UNSC for its inhumanity


Natan Meir sends strongly worded letter to UN chief Ban Ki Moon denouncing Security Council’s lack of humanity after being ignored by every UNSC representative.

By Elisha Ben Kimon


Natan Meir, who lost his wife Dafna Meir in a terror attack at their home in Otniel,  was snubbed by every ambassador at the UN security council after being officially invited by Israeli Ambassador Danny Dannon, where they were present at a UN Security Council meeting dealing with the situation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Natan Meir and his daughter with Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Dannon

He then wrote a strongly worded letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon decrying his treatment by the ambassadors.

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