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UN World Tourism Organization postpones Palestinian membership bid for 2 years

With the assistance of the United States, Israel succeeded in nixing the PA from becoming a member in the UN agency…since the “State Of Palestine” does not exist.



The United Nations’ World Tourism Organization has announced that will postpone until its next session, in two years, a decision on allowing the Palestinian Authority to join its ranks.

The Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Tourism applied for membership for “Palestine” into the organization last year.

Palestinian Museum opens to little fanfare. – Facebook Page

Had the bid been successful, the UNWTO would have been the second UN organization, after UNESCO, to which the Palestinians gained full membership. Continue Reading »

Portugal’s Tourism Minister In Israel to Emulate Smart City’s Technology

Portugal, part of the United Nation’s tourism body currently in Israel, is interested not only in emulating Tel Aviv’s technology, but also in attracting Israeli tourists.



Portugal is looking to pick up some tricks of the trade in the field of smart cities, according to Portuguese Secretary of State for Tourism Adolfo Mesquita Nunes.

THE TEL AVIV skyline; the area around the city is home to many Israeli start-ups

The TEL AVIV skyline; the area around the city is home to many Israeli start-ups. – Photo: REUTERS

“We made a huge transformation on our promotion model. We gave up traditional and offline and are almost 100% in the digital marketing, se we’re a case study for that,” said Nunes, who is in Israel for the UNWTO (the United Nation’s tourism body) Commission For Europe Annual Conference in Haifa. Continue Reading »