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Israir Airbus Passenger Jet Confiscated in Portugal Over Alleged Debt

Israir Airlines says 7 yr-old court proceedings are still ongoing and was ‘very surprised’ of the seizure by Portuguese airlines, EuroAtlantic.

By Itay Blumenthal


An Israir Airlines plane was confiscated in Lisbon on Monday night following a claim by EuroAtlantic Airways that the Israeli company owes “tens of millions of euros”.

Israir Airbus A320 (Photo: Zohar Azar)
Israir Airbus A320 – Photo: Zohar Azar

Sources told Ynet that the seizure of the plane led to the cancellation of a flight from Eilat to central Israel, leaving dozens of Israelis stranded in the southern city.

The timing was unfortunate for Israir, which saw another one of its planes make an emergency landing earlier in the day because of a faulty engine. Continue Reading »

Portugal’s Tourism Minister In Israel to Emulate Smart City’s Technology

Portugal, part of the United Nation’s tourism body currently in Israel, is interested not only in emulating Tel Aviv’s technology, but also in attracting Israeli tourists.



Portugal is looking to pick up some tricks of the trade in the field of smart cities, according to Portuguese Secretary of State for Tourism Adolfo Mesquita Nunes.

THE TEL AVIV skyline; the area around the city is home to many Israeli start-ups

The TEL AVIV skyline; the area around the city is home to many Israeli start-ups. – Photo: REUTERS

“We made a huge transformation on our promotion model. We gave up traditional and offline and are almost 100% in the digital marketing, se we’re a case study for that,” said Nunes, who is in Israel for the UNWTO (the United Nation’s tourism body) Commission For Europe Annual Conference in Haifa. Continue Reading »

Portugal joined 6 European states advising against doing business beyond ’67 borders

Portugal joins after France, Spain & Italy’s similar warning last week, with Germany, Britain & the Netherlands doing so earlier.

Portugal joined six other European countries on Wednesday in warning its citizens against doing business beyond the Green Line, with another 10 European countries expected to issue similar recommendations by the end of the week.

View of Lisbon’s port, one of the largest and most important ports in Europe – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The advisory, which appeared on Portugal’s Foreign Ministry website, employed similar language used by Spain and Italy last week in warning their nationals against doing business and investing in the West bank, east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

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