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Israeli-Arabs win massive lawsuit against Abbas’ Palestinian Authority

Touching on his judgement of $3.61 million, the Jerusalem District Court judge mentioned the horrors, torture, rape & mutilation of body organs the Israeli-Arab prisoners suffered through during their unjustified incarceration by the Palestinian Authority.

By i24NEWS


Following a verdict issued by the Jerusalem District Court, $3.61 million has been confiscated from the Palestinian Authority by Israel, Hebrew-language Maariv newspaper reported on Thursday.

Jerusalem’s Enforcement and Collection Authority began a confiscation process in recent days amid cases filed against the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The Jerusalem District Court House. – Photo: Sir Kiss/Wikimedia

The petitioners are members of the Arab-Israeli community who currently reside in the West Bank. Continue Reading »

Abbas’ Palestinian Authority was ordered to pay NIS 500,000 to tortured ‘collaborators’

An Israeli gov’t foreclosure order for the sum of 500,000 shekels was issued to the Abbas gov’t after having not paid the damages derived from a verdict the Jerusalem District Court handed down 4 months ago, when the PA was deemed responsible for the illegal detention, torture and even murder of ‘collaborators’ with Israel.

By Elisha Ben Kimon


Israel’s Execution Office presented the Ministry of Finance with a foreclosure order on NIS 500,000 in Palestinian Authority (PA) funds, to be received as court-mandated reparations for collaborators with Israel who were caught and tortured by the PA’s security forces.

The Execution Office is tasked with ensuring a debtor who received a favorable judgment receives their due recompense, and to that end is entitled to seize property or funds owned by the defendant. Continue Reading »