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Israel’s Arab Voters Lack Real Representatives

Israeli Arabs express increased frustration with existing Arab Knesset parties, which only seem to focus on the Palestinians, neglecting the vast amount of local Arabs seeking integration, which is indicative to the ever growing enlistment of Arab volunteers into the IDF.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel’s Arab voters are disappointed with their options ahead of the upcoming national election.

In order to woo votes from Israel’s right-leaning Jewish public, most of the mainstream parties tout their Jewish bonafides. Meanwhile, the handful of Arab parties seem more interested in representing a hostile “Palestinian cause” than working for the benefit of the local Arab population. Continue Reading »

Palestinian religious leaders issue fatwa forbidding participation in J’lem elections

Determined to remain ‘occupied’ and ‘stateless’ the Muslim religious jurists of Abbas’ Palestinian Authority forbids all of the 300,000 Palestinian Arab residents of East Jerusalem from holding office, or even voting in Jerusalem’s municipal election.

By i24NEWS


The highest Muslim religious authority in the Palestinian territories issued a fatwa, or directive, on Monday forbidding participation in Jerusalem’s upcoming municipal election.

The some 300,000 Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem have traditionally boycotted local elections in the city because they do not want to legitimize Israel’s 1967 annexation of its eastern neighborhoods.

Jerusalem, East and West meet. – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

However this year at least two Palestinian residents have said they want to stand as candidates and a recent poll by found nearly 60 percent of Arab East Jerusalemites wanted to take part in the vote, scheduled for October 30. Continue Reading »

For U.S. Expatriates In Need of an Absentee Ballot

view videoFor the approximately 200,000 U.S. citizens living in Israel who are eligible to vote and need to request an absentee ballot online, it’ll be relatively quick and easy.



As the November 8th US presidential election approaches, the approximately 200,000 US citizens living in Israel who are eligible to vote should be readying their paperwork if they want their ballots counted.

trump clinton

US presidential candidate Donald Trump (L) and Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton . – Photo: REUTERS

Fortunately, the process to request an absentee ballot is relatively quick and easy.

According to the Federal Voting Assistance Program, it takes only two steps to vote from overseas: 1) register and request your absentee ballot, and 2) fill out and send in your ballot once it arrives. Continue Reading »