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Int’l group of experts tells UN: IDF abided by laws of war during 50-day Gaza conflict

Former high-level military commanders & military leaders release report of fact-minding mission to Israel, concluding that unlike Hamas, IDF was careful to abide by int’l laws of war.

By Yitzhak Benhorin


A multi-national group of former senior military and political leaders on Friday released its findings that during Operation Protective Edge, “Israel not only met a reasonable international standard of observance of the laws of armed conflict, but in many cases significantly exceeded that standard.”

Rubble in Gaza after IDF strike during Operation Protective Edge – Photo: Reuters


The release of the findings comes not long before the UN Human Rights Council’s release of its own findings on Israel’s actions during last summer’s conflict. Continue Reading »

Amnesty Int’l: Hamas Guilty of Extrajudicial Execution of 23 Palestinians During Gaza War

Amnesty Int’l reports Hamas committed multiple war crimes by the “brutal campaign of abductions, torture & unlawful killings against Palestinians accused of ‘collaborating’ with Israel”

By Elad Benari


Hamas used its 2014 Gaza war with Israel to “settle scores” with rival Palestinians, executing at least 23 in possible war crimes, Amnesty International said Tuesday, according to the AFP news agency.

Extrajudicial Execution of Palestinian During Gaza War

Public Extrajudicial Execution of Palestinian During Gaza War

A report by the London-based group detailed the “brutal campaign of abductions, torture and unlawful killings against Palestinians accused of ‘collaborating’ with Israel” by Hamas, de facto ruler of Gaza.

The report details the “extrajudicial execution of at least 23 Palestinians and the arrest and torture of dozens of others”.

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Palestinian Authority advances lawsuits against Israel at ICC for war crimes & construction

Palestinian FM Riad al-Malki says PA submitted request to set date at ICC for alleged war crimes committed by Israel and their settlement expansions.



Authority has submitted an official request to the International Criminal Court to set a date to discuss the possibility of two war-crimes lawsuits against Israel, PA Foreign Minister Riad Malki said on Monday.

Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki (C) leaves the ICC at the Hague, August 5, 2014. – Photo: REUTERS

The Palestinians want the ICC to sue Israel for war crimes it claims were committed during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge and for Jewish building over the 1949 Armistice Line in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Continue Reading »

ICC urges Israel to be forthcoming with material relating to ‘Operation Protective Edge’ probe

Chief ICC prosecutor warns that unless Israel provides the requested information, she may open ‘full-scale’ investigation into Hamas’ allegations of Israeli war crimes during last conflict with Gaza.

By The Associated Press


The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court warned Israel Tuesday that if it doesn’t provide reliable information for her preliminary probe into possible war crimes in Palestinian territories she may be forced to decide whether to launch a full-scale investigation based on Palestinian allegations.

The International Criminal Court at The Hague – Photo: Gettyimages

Fatou Bensouda said in an interview with The Associated Press that she hasn’t received any information yet from either side regarding last summer’s Gaza war and urged Israel and the Palestinians to provide information to her.

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ICC chief prosecutor says Palestinians may face war crimes investigation

Chief Prosecutor of the ICC, Fatou Bensouda rejected Israeli fears of bias by the court, promising to “look into the alleged crimes committed by all sides.”



The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor has said she is weighing opening war crimes investigations into Palestinians as well as Israelis after Palestine joined the tribunal’s jurisdiction last month.

Chief Prosecutor of the ICC, Fatou Bensouda briefing the Security Council. – UN Photo: Eskinder Debebe

Fatou Bensouda rejected Israeli fears of bias by the court, promising to consider the evidence “independently and impartially without fear or favour,” in an interview published by Israel’s liberal Haaretz newspaper Friday. Continue Reading »

Law Experts on Armed Conflict: IDF Doesn’t Commit War Crimes

US Naval War College military experts on the law of armed conflict conclude: “We found that their [Israel’s] approach to targeting is consistent with the law and, in many cases, worthy of emulation.”

By Israel Today Staff


Two of the world’s leading experts on the laws of armed conflict have, in the wake of last year’s Gaza war, conducted a thorough survey of the Israel Defense Force’s targeting policies and concluded that the Israeli army does not as a matter of policy commit war crimes.

IDF Merkava tank unit – file photo

Traditionally, the IDF has been closed regarding its operational procedures for fear that Israel’s antagonists could exploit that information in their ongoing quest to smear the Jewish state. Continue Reading »

Legal Analysis: Can the ICC rule Jewish settlements as war crimes?

A few Israeli legal experts and state advisors on int’l law present their opinions how the ICC could go after some settlements, if they accepted to hear the case.



One of the most speculative ideas going around as the PA’s accession to the International Criminal Court Rome Statute is due to go into effect on Wednesday is whether the ICC can go after the settlements as war crimes and how?

West Bank settlement of Ofra north of Ramallah. Photo: REUTERS

Legal considerations aside, the PA reportedly will delay pushing forward with the ICC as part of an informal deal with Israel to receive its custom tax revenue which Israel was withholding and general diplomatic pressure may prevent the Palestinians or the ICC from moving any real cases forward. Continue Reading »

Leading IDF advocate says Palestinian war crimes charges not a concern

Maj. Gen. Danny Efroni , IDF’s advocate general  says possible investigation by the International Criminal Court into last war with Gaza, ‘Operation Protective Edge’ is being dealt with through ‘full & thorough’ Israeli investigations.

By Associated Press


The IDF’s chief legal adviser said on Thursday that he is not concerned about a possible investigation by the International Criminal Court into Israel’s conduct during last year’s Gaza war. Israel’s own internal probes are sufficient, said advocate general Maj. Gen. Danny Efroni.

Maj. Gen. Danny Efroni (2nd from right) tours West Bank – Photo: IDF

The Palestinians recently joined the Netherlands-based court and have threatened to press war crimes charges against Israel there.
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Palestine newest observers at International Criminal Court

New status is said to be first step toward joining the world’s international war crimes tribunal in order to later press charges against Israel for alleged war crimes.

By The Associated Press


The Palestinians have become observers at the summit meeting of the 122 countries that are members of the International Criminal Court, a move they say is a step toward joining the world’s permanent war crimes tribunal.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Sept. 22, 2014.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas acknowledges the audience after delivering a speech at Cooper Union, Sept. 22, 2014.- Photo: AP

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has threatened to seek membership in the ICC in order to press charges against Israel for alleged war crimes. Continue Reading »

Unable to Enter Gaza, UN Gaza Investigative Committee Hears Testimonies in Jordan

Jerusalem has forbidden entry into Gaza and the West Bank by the UN team which is seeking possible war-crime charges against Israel during the last Gaza war.


The United Nations committee investigating possible war crimes by Israel during last summer’s Gaza war has spent the past week in Jordan, listening to the testimonies of victims’ families and civil society organizations, Ma’an Palestinian news agency reported on Sunday.

Rubble of destroyed buildings from the 50-day conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Rubble of destroyed buildings from the 50-day conflict between Hamas and Israel, in Shejaiya, Gaza Strip, October 12 ,2014. – Photo: AFP

The committee, which was appointed by the U.N. Human Rights Council, has been denied entry to the West Bank and Gaza by Israel. Continue Reading »

Complaint Filed Against Palestinian President Abbas in ICC for War Crimes

Israeli civil rights firm accuses PA of multiple war crimes at ICC by exploiting Abbas’s Jordanian citizenship – and using evidence Fatah boasted about being involved in Gaza war.

By Tova Dvorin


Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and the International Criminal Court (ICC) have made headlines again Monday – but this time, it is Israel who is being vindicated on the global scale.

Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center, an Israeli based civil rights organization announced today that they filed an unprecedented war crimes complaint against Abbas in the ICC.

The complaint states that the Fatah faction was responsible for numerous rocket attacks on Israeli cities during this past summer’s Gaza war, making Abbas personally liable for the terrorist groups’ criminal acts. Continue Reading »

Amnesty International Strikes Hard at Israel, Neglects Condemning Hamas in Report



Israeli embassy in London said “the report does not mention the word terror in relation to Hamas or other armed Palestinian groups, nor mention tunnels built by Hamas to infiltrate Israel and perpetrate terror attacks…ignores documented war crimes perpetrated by Hamas…Instead, Amnesty serves as a propaganda tool for Hamas and other terror groups.”

By i24news



Amnesty International issued a harsh report Wednesday accusing Israel of committing war crimes in its 50-day summer war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian child sits above the ruins of his home, summer 2014 – Photo Courtesy Amnesty International

The report, titled “Families under the Rubble: Israeli attacks on inhabited homes,” accuses the Israeli military of “callous indifference” to civilians in its airstrikes on the enclave, that killed entire families. Continue Reading »

NY Law Firm Lists Hamas’ Violations of Int’l Law Since Gaza War Crimes Ignored by UN

New York based legal rights group publishes detailed compilation of blatant Hamas violations, siting examples & verification ahead of UN bias investigation of Israeli “war crimes.”

By Hillel Fendel


In advance of the UN Human Rights Council investigation of Israeli “war crimes” in Gaza this summer, the Lawfare Project has compiled a detailed list of “Hamas’s Violations of International Law.”

The UNHRC has appointed a three-member committee to investigate “all violations of international humanitarian law” during the recent war in Gaza. It explained its one-sided intentions by “condemn[ing] in the strongest terms the widespread, systematic and gross violations of international human rights and fundamental freedoms arising from the Israeli military operations…”

The New York-based Lawfare Project attempts to safeguard against the abuse of the law as a weapon of war. Continue Reading »

Lawsuit charging Israeli leaders of genocide to be filed in Argentina court

Argentine lawyer charges Israeli gov’t & military leaders in heinous crimes.



BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — An Argentine lawyer said he will file a lawsuit in federal court in Buenos Aires accusing Israel of crimes against humanity and genocide.

Smoke, dust and debris rise over Gaza City after an Israeli strike on August 8, 2014

Smoke, dust and debris rise over Gaza City after an Israeli strike on August 8, 2014, during the 50-day Israel-Gaza war. – Photo: AP

Carlos Slepoy told Pagina/12, a Buenos Aires newspaper, in an interview published Tuesday that the suit will be filed in the coming days in response to Israel’s 50-day operation in Gaza this summer. The suit is in conjunction with the American Association of Jurists.

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PA threats of ICC investigation of Israeli war crimes charges appears to be bluff


An Al Jazeera report based on leaked confidential letters, indicate that the ICC “did not receive a positive confirmation” from the Palestinian Authority’s foreign minister, Riad Malki, to go ahead with a war crimes investigation.



The Palestinian Authority has prevented war crimes investigators from probing actions by Israel and Hamas during Operation Protective Edge, the Qatar-based pan-Arab news network Al Jazeera is reporting on Friday.

Beit Hanun gaza

A Palestinian looks out from the remains of his house in Beit Hanun, a town in the northern Gaza Strip. – Photo:REUTERS

Citing a confidential letter signed by the International Criminal Court’s top prosecutor, Al Jazeera is reporting that the ICC “did not receive a positive confirmation” from the Palestinian Authority’s foreign minister, Riad Malki, to go ahead with a war crimes investigation that was originally requested by the PA’s justice minister. Continue Reading »