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Arab-Israeli Christian Soldier: IDF is Most Moral Army in the World

After learning of Harvard University’s decision to host members of the radical anti-IDF organization, “Breaking the Silence,” Yoseph Haddad felt compelled to speak up as an ex-‘minority soldier’ in the IDF.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel is facing increased efforts to besmirch both its governmental policies and the conduct of its military, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Christian Arab, Yoseph Haddad, Defends Israel – Photo: Ynet [unattributed]

But that has also resulted in a growing number of minority citizens and soldiers coming forward and exposing the half-truths and outright deceptions employed by the Jewish state’s detractors.

Among them is Yoseph Haddad, a 33-year-old Arab Israeli Christian from Nazareth who served proudly in the IDF during the Second Intifada and the Second Lebanon War. Continue Reading »