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Arab-Israeli Christian Soldier: IDF is Most Moral Army in the World

After learning of Harvard University’s decision to host members of the radical anti-IDF organization, “Breaking the Silence,” Yoseph Haddad felt compelled to speak up as an ex-‘minority soldier’ in the IDF.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel is facing increased efforts to besmirch both its governmental policies and the conduct of its military, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Christian Arab, Yoseph Haddad, Defends Israel – Photo: Ynet [unattributed]

But that has also resulted in a growing number of minority citizens and soldiers coming forward and exposing the half-truths and outright deceptions employed by the Jewish state’s detractors.

Among them is Yoseph Haddad, a 33-year-old Arab Israeli Christian from Nazareth who served proudly in the IDF during the Second Intifada and the Second Lebanon War. Continue Reading »

Case closed, Charges Dropped: Breaking the Silence spokesman fabricated story

After confessing to have beaten an Arab suspect for throwing rocks, the case against Breaking the Silence (a left-wing NGO) spokesman has been closed following a joint Police & IDF investigation, when the alleged victim refuted the story, proving it was fabricated for the sole purpose of slandering the IDF and delegitimizing Israel.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Deputy State Prosecutor decided in coordination with the State Attorney to close the investigation against Breaking the Silence spokesman Dean Issacharof.

The investigation was opened after Issacharoff said in a video that he had beaten an Arab during his military service in Hevron. Continue Reading »

Germany’s Choice: Foreign Minister meets anti-Israel NGOs, not Netanyahu

After consultations with his gov’t, having traveled to Israel to participate in Holocaust Memorial Day, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel chose to meet with two blatantly anti-Israel NGOs over a meeting with Israel’s elected Prime Minister.

By Tsvi Sadan


German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel made a choice during his visit to Israel. He chosen to meet with two subversive NGOs rather than sit with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Gabriel’s choice would be akin to a visit to Germany by Israel’s Foreign Minister during which he met with German NGOs investigating German soldiers for war crimes in Afghanistan rather than meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Continue Reading »

Left-Wing ‘Breaking the Silence’ caught on tape spying on IDF, gathering classified operational data


“‘Breaking the Silence’ has crossed another red line,” PM Netanyahu said after the report was aired on Israel’s TV2, “The investigative security forces are looking into the matter,”  in what appears like espionage activity against the IDF.

By Gil Ronen


Channel 2 news broadcast highly incriminating video evidence Thursday evening filmed with hidden cameras by nationalist group Ad Kan, which shows ultra-leftist group Breaking the Silence engaged in what appears like espionage activity against the IDF.

‘Breaking the Silence has crossed another red line,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said after the report was aired. “The investigative security forces are looking into the matter.”
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IDF reservists request permission to sue ‘Breaking the Silence’ for libel & slander


A group of IDF soldiers & officer, Reservists at the Front, has been working conscientious to collect facts to confirm for a court, that Breaking the Silence “twists, manipulates & sometimes lies” which libels them.
• Since the litigants are still active IDF reservists, the group needs approval from the attorney general to proceed.

By Yori Yalon


Several hundred IDF combat reservists and officers who organized a committee titled Reservists at the Front are currently working to file a slander lawsuit against the nongovernmental organization Breaking the Silence, which publishes testimonies, often anonymous, about alleged IDF misdeeds. The reservists claim that Breaking the Silence intentionally and consistently disseminates outright lies. Continue Reading »

BDS, pro-Palestinian groups lie when calling IDF soldiers “war criminals”, according to int’l military experts


BDS, Breaking the Silence organization, and pro-Hamas advocates lie through their teeth when articulating the IDF’s conduct during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, whereas the 14 international senior military officers wouldn’t.

By Barry Shaw


The BDS and Breaking the Silence LIE when they call our brave soldiers “war criminals” and accuse the IDF of “war crimes.” So let me introduce non-Israel, non-Jewish neutral experts to give their opinion.

14 international former chiefs of staff and senior military officers reviewed the 2014 Gaza conflict from both the IDF and Hamas operations.

They visited Israel both during and after the conflict. They interviewed soldiers from the regular foot-soldiers to unit commanders all the way up to the highest ranks of the IDF. Continue Reading »

10 Swiss MPs: Gov’t Funding ‘Breaking the Silence’ a scandal & misuse of tax money

“Disinformation & the political ideology of hatred are being directed against the Jewish state…(by) one-sided, unbalanced non-scientific reports.”  The 10 Swiss parliamentarians said the NGO belongs to the BDS movement and its work is “propaganda.”



The opening of the Breaking the Silence exhibit in Zurich on Thursday unleashed a firestorm of criticism from Swiss politicians who say the country’s Foreign Ministry misused public funds to finance a hate-filled exhibit targeting the Jewish state.

The Breaking the Silence exhibit at the Kulturhaus Helferei in Zurich, Switzerland. – Photo: AFP/MICHAEL BUHOLZER

“We condemn sharply the sponsorship of Breaking the Silence, with public monies through the EDA [Swiss Foreign Ministry] and the Zurich Finance Department, and expect in future a careful examination of projects and those organizations standing behind such projects before Swiss taxpayer money is misused,” 10 Swiss MPs from the parliamentary Swiss-Israel parliamentary group said in a statement dated Tuesday. Continue Reading »

Soldier Court-Martialed For Publicly Debasing IDF Has Become Left’s Hero

Israel’s left-wing daily, Haaretz, praises soldiers who said to German TV audience that IDF conditions its soldiers to treat Arabs as subhuman.

By Gil Ronen


The Left’s new hero is Corporal Shachar Berrin, who serves as a combat soldier in the Home Front Command (HFC). Berrin was lauded in Haaretz‘s main editorial Monday and was glorified in at least two articles by the paper’s pundits, Gideon Levy and Uri Misgav, as well as in other left-wing and anti-Israeli websites.

Corporal Shachar Berrin, screenshot

Berrin’s “heroic” action was a monologue on German TV channel Deutsche Welle‘s show, The New Arab Debates, hosted by Tim Sebastian, which was taped in Jerusalem about two weeks ago.

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‘Breaking the Silence’ Exposed

Israelis get angry and turn to social media exposing the radical leftist group that presented ludicrous allegations of IDF war crimes, by anonymous story tellers.

By Tsvi Sadan


Exposing a pustule on Israel’s body is sometimes a necessary step towards a cure. It’s not what you might think. I am not pointing at the “Occupation.” I am referring to organizations like “Breaking the Silence” that exploit the occupation as a means of transforming Israel into a Sweden-style liberal state.

Until recently, Breaking the Silence was a relatively marginal, albeit damaging, organization. Though its stated purpose is to “expose the Israeli public to the reality of everyday life in the Occupied Territories,” its involvement in the fabrication of the Goldstone Report that investigated alleged Israeli war crimes in the wake of the 2009 military operation against Gaza clearly demonstrated that “occupied territories” is the red herring used to deflect attention from the group’s subversive activity that is ultimately aimed at turning Israel to a bastion of human rights that has no particular interest in remaining a Jewish state (peep through Haoketz if you like). Continue Reading »

REPORT: Arab Foundation Including Terrorist Organization Funded IDF ‘Tattle-Tales’

Im Tirtzu says the Ramallah-based fund that includes the PFTP terrorist group, paid for the ‘Breaking the Silence’ report against IDF practices during Operation Protective Edge.

By Arutz Sheva staff


Grassroots Zionist students’ group Im Tirtzu has responded to a report blaming the IDF of misdeeds in Gaza by pointing to the fact that it was paid for by a Palestinian-Arab fund.

The report by Breaking the Silence is based on alleged testimony from 60 officers and soldiers who served in Operation Protective Edge. The “evidence” includes allegations of indiscriminate fire on civilian targets by soldiers who took part in the fighting against terrorist organizations Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others in the summer of 2014.

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