UN Failure in Refugee Camps Force Palestinians to Remain in Squalor 

Video Report: Refusing to allow Israeli intervention, the ‘Shuafat’ refugee camp in Jerusalem has become an inhumane quagmire, left to worsen by UNRWA; rampant crime, ruthless gangs, terror, drugs, PA & UN corruption and rat infested filth has become the norm for the people there.

By Avi Abelow


The blatant anti-Israel agenda of the United Nations is clear to see in this film expose by the Center for Near East Policy Research. They released this film titled ‘UNRWA in Jerusalem: Anatomy of Chaos’ on Israel’s Channel 20 news network, exposing the toxic United Nations agency of UNRWA, showing their involvement in the ‘Shuafat’ refugee camp in Jerusalem and the human tragedy: crime, terror, drugs, corruption and filth that are some of the scourges of daily life for the people there.


This is horrendous! And you know who is suffering the most? The “Palestinian Arabs”, who are not being helped by the billions of dollars in donor aid from hard-working people like you.

Groundbreaking Film

This film was released following the groundbreaking recommendation of the outgoing Jerusalem mayor and current Knesset candidate Nir Barkat to remove UNRWA from Jerusalem and replace its’ health, education and waste services with municipal services (see UNRWA in Jerusalem 1:22 minute mark).

On February 8, 2019, the U.S. State Department finally released a highly anticipated and classified GAO investigation into the Palestinian Authority textbooks used in UNRWA schools and found that over 200 pages of their texts contain virulent anti-Israel bias.

This is an auspicious time for UNRWA Reform. The initiative to absorb Shuafat residents in the Jerusalem municipality could serve as a model to extricate descendants of Arab refugees from the misery of 70 years of life in UNRWA refugee camps. The newly unclassified GAO study on the UNRWA textbooks can open new doors as to how donor nations can demand reforms of the genocidal curriculum into one that promotes values of peace, which should be promoted by an agency of the United Nations, whose motto is ‘Peace Starts Here.’


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