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UN Failure in Refugee Camps Force Palestinians to Remain in Squalor 

Video Report: Refusing to allow Israeli intervention, the ‘Shuafat’ refugee camp in Jerusalem has become an inhumane quagmire, left to worsen by UNRWA; rampant crime, ruthless gangs, terror, drugs, PA & UN corruption and rat infested filth has become the norm for the people there.

By Avi Abelow


The blatant anti-Israel agenda of the United Nations is clear to see in this film expose by the Center for Near East Policy Research. They released this film titled ‘UNRWA in Jerusalem: Anatomy of Chaos’ on Israel’s Channel 20 news network, exposing the toxic United Nations agency of UNRWA, showing their involvement in the ‘Shuafat’ refugee camp in Jerusalem and the human tragedy: crime, terror, drugs, corruption and filth that are some of the scourges of daily life for the people there. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem’s Mayor to remove UNRWA from Jerusalem, exposes sham

Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat goes to war on UNRWA, having formulated a detailed plan of action to completely remove the corrupt organization & their officials from Israel’s capital and replace its services with municipal services that are shared by the entire city.

By Tzvi Lev


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat revealed on Thursday evening a detailed plan of action he had devised to remove the UNRWA organization from Jerusalem and to replace the services it provides with municipal services.

Since 1965, the organization has been responsible for some 20,000 “refugees” living in the Shuafat camp, who also bear Israeli identity cards and are entitled to the National Insurance, Education and Health Services of the State of Israel and the Jerusalem Municipality as residents of Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Palestinian glad she left UNRWA run Shuafat refugee camp

23 yr-old Wallah Adaween, a biology student at Ramallah University has no regrets leaving the squalor of the Jordanian built, UNRWA run camp, which receives 100’s of million of dollars annually and is responsible for the camp, providing such services as medical, food assistance and education of the Palestinians.



A refugee from the Shuafat Camp in east Jerusalem said she will never regret leaving it.

The Shuafat Refugee Camp is said to be a microcosm of the unresolved issue of Palestinian self-determination plaguing Israel-Palestinian relations.

With eye on indoctrination, the official logos to six different UNRWA financed schools include the UN logos along with map of Israel replaced by Palestine.

Continue Reading »

Palestinian terrorist shot dead in Jerusalem during vehicular attack


In an attempted vehicular terrorist attack Sunday night, the Palestinian driver was neutralize while attempting to run over Border Guard police in the Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem, leaving the passengers to be arrested afterwards.

By Roi Yanovsky and Elior Levy


A Palestinian vehicle leaving the Shuafat refugee camp in east Jerusalem attempted to run over Police and Border Police forces Sunday night in an attempted terrorist attack. There were no injuries to Israeli forces.

Vehicle used in the attack

Police said the vehicle approached them at high speed, trying to hit them. Forces began the accepted procedure to stop a suspicious vehicle, but the driver refused to slow down. Continue Reading »