UN ‘Human Rights’ Official Attacks Israeli ‘Apartheid’ Policy

Richard Falk says the peace process is a trick, claims Israel’s treatment of PA Arabs in Judea and Samaria is apartheid.

By Elad Benari



The UN’s rapporteur for PA human rights launched a blistering attack on the international community on Monday.

According to an AFP report, Richard Falk accused the world of “conspiring in Israeli settlement policies”. He also branded the peace process a “trick.”

Falk also took aim at the Middle East Quartet’s peace envoy Tony Blair over his efforts in the region.

Speaking to reporters after addressing the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Falk claimed that Palestinian Authority Arabs in the PA-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria were offered no protection in Israeli law and said that their treatment was akin to apartheid.

“I think one has to begin to call the reality by a name,” Falk said, according to AFP. He likened the “discriminatory dualistic legal system” in Judea and Samaria to the former system in South Africa.

In his report to the council, Falk expressed his concern about Israel’s use of administrative detention, the expansion of Jewish communities in the region and violence by local Jewish residents.

“The peace process is a trick rather than a way to find a solution to the problem,” Falk said, adding that envoy Tony Blair “has not much to show for his 86 visits to the Middle East… (it is) an extension of the peace process which I regard as a failure because while time passes the settlement culture continues.”

He added, “The international community is conspiring — maybe unwittingly — in a process that has no way of bringing justice to the people involved in this conflict.”

Falk said that at least 3,500 buildings were under construction in Judea and Samaria in 2011, adding that such building on “Palestinian” land “more or less closes the book on the reality and feasibility” of a two-state solution to the conflict.

“The credibility of the Human Rights Council is very much at stake if there is nothing that is done about the non-cooperation or non-compliance” by Israel with the council’s recommendations, he said.

“The language of censure doesn’t help the Palestinian people if there is no action,” claimed Falk.

He also denounced violence by Jewish residents against Palestinian Authority Arabs, claiming it was “a new feature of the drive to occupy the Palestinian territories.”

“Many people say the Israeli government is an extension of the settlers and I think that is an accurate description,” he said.

Falk has a long record of attacking Israel, including comparing Israelis to Nazis and criticizing Israel for keeping Islamic Jihad terrorist Khader Adnan in custody, even after a video of him pleading for suicide bombers to “carry the next explosive belt” was exposed.

Falk responded by criticizing the Jewish State and condemning the procedure of administrative detention, a procedure that also is used by the United States. He also castigated Israel for lack of compassion for the Islamic Jihad spokesman who launched a hunger strike in order to pressure Israel to release him.

“There was not even the slightest show of respect for the dignity of Mr. Adnan’s long hunger strike or sympathy for the acute suffering that accompanies such a determined foregoing of food for an extended period,” Falk wrote.

He also claimed that “Mr. Adnan’s prior arrests stemmed from militant peaceful demonstrations that landed him in Israeli jails eight times, and induced him to undertake shorter hunger strikes on three previous occasions, one as recently as 2010. From what we can tell, Mr. Adnan is a committed activist who has associated himself with Islamic Jihad, but works on a daily basis as a baker and maintains an admired strong family role.”

Last year, the United States, joined by American Jewish groups, called on the United Nations to sack Falk after he posted an anti-Semitic cartoon on his blog.

When criticized, Falk replaced the cartoon with an apology that claimed he could not detect the anti-Semitic content of the cartoon “until it was pointed out,” although it appeared to equate Jews with animals.


View original Arutz Sheva publication at: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/157445#.T_KS2vUhrrc


Watch below as UN Watch director Hillel Neuer, confronts Richard Falk for his support of racists, terrorists, and 9/11 conspiracists. United Nations Human Rights Council, July 2, 2012.

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  1. Phillip Pasmanick

    Any person or organization, be they from the United Nation or not, that continues to label or present Israel as Apartheid, either doesn’t understand the meaning of Apartheid, doesn’t know the truth about Israel, or because of hate, finds it easy to accept this propaganda lie.

    Since Israeli laws allows Israeli Arabs (and all minorities) to be Members of Knesset (Israeli Parliament), become Police, go into the army, sit as a Judge in our Supreme Court and hold any position they wish, Israel cannot be Apartheid.

    Because Israeli Arabs (all minorities) have equal accessibility to the national health care, entry into ANY university, and employment in whatever field they qualify for,, Israel cannot be Apartheid.

    As for FREEDOM OF TRAVEL. Israeli Arabs & all minorities can travel freely anywhere in Israel and must be inspected at roadblocks just as Jewish drivers.

    Up until the FIRST INTIFADA, Palestinian Arabs also had freedom of travel. BUT, once SUICIDE BOMBERS began blowing up Hotels, Restaurants, Buses, Open markets, Bus Stops and Shopping Malls, it became the RESPONSIBILITY of the Israeli gov’t to protect Israelis….Jews AND Arabs AND Visitors.

    Since Hamas AND the Palestinian Authority have sworn to continue in their ARMED RESISTANCE, Israel MUST continue to check all those who threaten to mass murder innocent civilians. THIS IS NOT APARTHEID because it will discontinue as soon as the Arab Palestinians discontinue their violence.

    Now, if you think Israel is Apartheid, what are the Palestinians? They will not allow ANY Jew to buy land to live in Gaza OR in areas under Palestinian Authority. Any Arab to sell land to a Jew will be hanged, under their laws>>>>>THAT IS APARTHEID!!

    Watch and learn:

  2. Lawrence says:

    What a lot of bovinic excrement. Forget the fact that the so-called Palestinians have absolutely no claim, historic, biblical, monetary to that land that they massacred people to live on. Forget that fact for a moment.

    For the fact that the territory he is discussing can be defined as disputed, but not occupied. It is Israeli.

    However, Israel graciously decided to donate part of her own land to create another ungrateful Arab country. Not a people as the Palestinians are not a nation in any definition of the word. As was pointed above the new area is run as an Apartheid state by the PA. The statement “Palestinian Authority Arabs in the PA-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria were offered no protection in Israeli law.” Of course not, they are governed by PA apartheid law.

    Mt Adnan’s hunger strike should not affect anyone decisions. It was his choice not to eat. So let him not eat. During Ramadan, Islamists decide not to eat during the day – a choice. If Adnan wanted to diet, who am I to stop him.

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