UNHRC sends threatening letter to companies that service West Bank Jewish towns

The UN Human Rights Council has been caught blackmailing Bezeq, an Israeli telecommunications company, for servicing the entire Jewish State in the letter included below.



The United Nations Human Rights Council has been pressuring Israeli telecommunications giant Bezeq to cut off its services to settlements, saying that the company is promoting the illegal communities and their expansion, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Letter to Bezeq was signed by Mohammed Ali Alnsour – Twitter

Bezeq currently provides the same services to Israeli cities and towns within the Green Line and to the settlements beyond it. By pressuring the company to suspend services to Israel’s West Bank settlements, the UNHRC has been accused of “blackmail” and of participating in the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement that many Israelis see as antisemitic.

The UNHRC has been working to compile a database of companies working with Israel in its illegal settlements. The Trump administration, as well as the Israeli government, is said to oppose the database.

In a letter to the company’s CEO, the international body said that Bezeq is ”supporting the maintenance and existence of settlements,” and ”[using] nature resources, in particular water and land, for business purposes,” and states that, in addition to servicing West Bank settlements, the company also owns properties in the Palestinian territories as well.

One activist said that letters like the one sent to Bezeq as part of the database campaign are ”nothing short of an assault on the economic welfare on the State of Israel, period.”

Approximately 30 American companies are said to have received similar letters.


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Bezeq CEO Stella Handler.- Photo: Courtesy

In the letter to Bezeq, signed by Mohammed Ali Alnsour, chief of the UNHRC Middle East and North Africa Section, the UNHRC wrote that Bezeq could keep their response confidential, but Bezeq CEO Stella Handler chose to play no part in the UNHRC’s anti-Semitic game and publicized the UNHRC letter (above).

Handler said the company would not collaborate with what which she called “nothing more than anti-Israel propaganda.”


Bezeq will continue to protect the rights of all our customers without discrimination. We will continue to provide service to all Israeli citizens without respect to religion, race or gender and we respect their right to choose to live in any part of this land – be it Raanana, Jerusalem, Ariel, Sakhnin or Ma’aleh Adumim.