US Congress Seeks to Fund Israeli Anti-Tunnel Tech For Use On Mexican Border


US gov’t sees partnership in the new Israeli-made tunnel detection technology a solution to halt illegal immigration from Mexico.

Israel Today Staff


Israel’s defense establishment is soon expecting an influx of US funds to complete work on an advanced anti-tunnel system that will hopefully prevent future terrorist incursions from the Gaza Strip.

IDF soldier surveys Hamas terror tunnel constructed to invade Israel with Palestinian terrorists. – IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The American Congress approved involvement in the Israeli project already last summer, and Washington has now agreed to match the Israeli government’s financial contribution by transferring $120 million, according to Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot.

The US sees the new system as being equally applicable in curbing illegal migration across the US-Mexican border.

Israel has been tight-lipped about the new system to date, and very few details have reached the press.

What is known is that Hamas and its terrorist allies have resumed in earnest their efforts to tunnel into southern Israel, and residents in the Jewish state’s Negev region are growing increasingly anxious over the situation.


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