US refuses Israeli request for Pollard’s release when pressured to release Arab prisoners

PM Netanyahu asked the U.S. to release Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard as part of peace talks deal with Palestinians.

Israeli official: Government determined to release Pollard, but only through standard procedures in their prison system.

By Shlomo Cesana, Yori Yalon and Israel Hayom Staff

U.S. President Barack Obama has refused another Israeli request for the release of imprisoned Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. During talks that preceded the announcement of the renewal of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, Netanyahu asked for Pollard’s release and was rebuffed by the Americans.

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  1. Len Kurtz says:

    Why is Pollard in prison after all these years? He was charged and pled guilty for the crime of spying for a friendly country, Israel. The material he supplied to Israel involved Arab intelligence, not anything about the United States. In fact, the material he handed over should have been handed over by the U.S. to Israel based on agreements between the two countries. When it came time for sentencing for which the average term was 3-6 years, the judge requested then defense secretary Caspar Weinberger to supply a damage assessment report. It was prepared in part by an individual named Aldrich Ames, who would later be convicted of spying for the Soviets by supplying intelligence that damaged American national security and led to the execution of many American-sponsored intelligence agents. Ames made sure that Pollard was blamed for this. What Pollard did was embarrass the Americans because they were caught not supplying Israel with Arab intelligence. He got a life sentence for that even though he had plea-bargained for a much lesser sentence. Can’t have a Jew embarrass the United States.

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