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Having presented his credentials, Ambassador Friedman gets to work


David Friedman, the new US Ambassador to Israel, speaks about Donald Trump’s position on the Western Wall, Jonathan Pollard, and the eventual relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


In an interview with the Israel Hayom newspaper, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman spoke about the Trump administration’s stance on moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“I know that US President Donald Trump is speaking with all relevant parties on the matter before he makes his final decision,” Friedman said. “This is his decision and I will let him speak for himself, when he deems the time right.” Continue Reading »

Israel’s Defense Minister Liberman promises to rehabilitate Gaza if Hamas overthrown


The Gazan’s high taxes “are not going to benefit those residents, not to the health system or the education system, or the electricity grid, but to make missiles, weapons & tunnels.”
– Liberman questions motive of outgoing Obama’s pardon of Chelsea Manning, who leaked U.S. classified documents to the world, but had no mercy for Polard who leaked only to Israel.



Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman called on the citizens of Gaza to overthrow the Hamas regime and promised that Israeli support and assistance for the Palestinian population in the territory will be forthcoming if such an uprising takes place. Continue Reading »

US fingers Pollard’s ’86 ‘J’lem Post’ interview for strict sentencing & parole


United States Parole Commission say Jonathan Pollard’s 1986 interview to J’lem Post correspondent Wolf Blitzer was in violation of a signed plea agreement.



Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard’s strict parole conditions were set by the United States Parole Commission due in part to an interview he gave The Jerusalem Post nearly 30 years ago, documents submitted this week revealed.

That interview Pollard gave on November 20, 1986, to Post correspondent Wolf Blitzer was claimed at the time of sentencing to be in violation of a plea agreement he had signed – even though Pollard was in federal custody at the time of the interviews, which could only have taken place with the government’s permission, according to Pollard’s lawyer Eliot Lauer. Continue Reading »

US District Judge: Restrictions placed for Jonathan Pollard’s parole appear superfluous


Less than a month since being paroled from federal prison, Jonathan Pollard achieves court victory when Judge admits electronic bracelet & computer monitoring may not be needed since former Israeli spy no longer has access to secrets.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


The U.S. government must reassess the threat posed by former Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard and adjust his parole conditions accordingly, a U.S. judge said on Monday.

Former Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, last month, shortly after his release from federal prison. – Photo: AP

U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest said the U.S. Parole Commission had provided little basis to justify why Pollard must wear an electronic bracelet and submit to monitoring of his work computer despite not being exposed to classified material during his 30-year incarceration. Continue Reading »

Knesset proposes bill funding Pollard’s expenses once released


Knesset House Committee chairman David Bitan, who proposed the bill said, “We have a moral obligation to Pollard… (since) Israel failed to bring about his release.”



The government would pay for Jonathan Pollard to have “reasonable living conditions” for the rest of his life following his expected release from a prison in North Carolina November 20, according to a bill proposed in the Knesset on Tuesday.

Jonathan Pollard

Although the conditions for the Israeli agent’s parole after 30 years in prison have not been revealed, he is expected to be forced to remain in the United States for the next five years before he may be permitted to move to Israel. Continue Reading »

Obama reportedly refuses to annul Jonathan Pollard travel ban after parole


It’s reported in the Washington Post that US President Obama will not get involved in ‘compassionate appeal’ allowing longtime prisoner Jonathan Pollard to travel to Israel after serving an unprecedented 30 years in federal prison.

By Tova Dvorin


A ban may still be placed on Jonathan Pollard to travel to Israel after his release from US prison, officials from US President Barack Obama’s administration revealed late Monday to the Washington Post.

Jonathan Pollard – Photo: Yehuda Glick

Deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes stated last week that Pollard’s release, which was due for this month according to the terms of his parole, could be brought up during the meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Obama Monday night. Continue Reading »

Obama Forced to Release Pollard After Declassification Exposed Fed Fraud

view videoIn a WND EXCLUSIVE, exposed declassified document reveals Pollard’s unprecedented and cruel sentence was based on anti-Israel bias and lies from then US Sec of Def Caspar W. Weinberger.



NEW YORK – With little fanfare and no news media coverage, a dramatic, potentially game-changing development in the Jonathan Pollard spy case quietly occurred three months ago.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 03.43.26

Jonathan Pollard is currently serving his 30th year of an unprecedented life sentence in a U.S. prison for espionage on behalf of an ally, Israel.

After years of failed efforts petitioning the government and the court system to gain access to the classified material used to sentence their client, Pollards’ security-cleared attorneys finally won an appeal for declassification last fall. Continue Reading »

US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch: No Interference with Pollard’s release

US A-G Loretta Lynch says the American born spy has served enough time in prison, and the Justice Department won’t interfere with Pollard’s release.

By i24news


US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch said on Saturday that the US Justice Department would not interfere in the process of releasing Israeli-American spy Jonathan Pollard.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch says corruption allegedly spans “at least two generations of soccer officials – Photo: Chip Somodevilla /Getty/AFP/File

Speaking at an Aspen Security Forum, Lynch said that Pollard has served enough time in prison to be released pending a parole board review.

She denied that Pollard’s release would have any connection to the nuclear deal with Iran and a supposed need to appease Israel. Continue Reading »

Pollard likely to be released November 21, after 30 years of incarceration

Having served 30 years behind bars, & unrelated to the Iran nuclear deal, it’s highly likely that Pollard will be paroled this Fall, reports The Algemeiner.



The United States is considering releasing Jonathan Pollard this Fall on November 21st – the day of his parole eligibility – The Algemeiner reported Friday.

Jonathan Pollard – Photo Courtesy

Pollard, who was sentenced to life in prison in the United States in 1987, will be 61 years old with his supposed release, having served 30-years behind bars.

His release follows reports in recent years of Pollard’s declining health and hospitalizations, which sparked many calls and efforts on behalf of activists and politicians for his release. Continue Reading »

Israeli PM appeals to Kerry: Pollard’s life in danger, time has come to release him

When Jonathan Pollard was hospitalized on Friday after losing consciousness, PM Netanyahu asked Kerry if 30 years of imprisonment as a convicted spy was enough.

By Barak Ravid

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to release Jonathan Pollard, imprisoned 29 years ago for spying for Israel, in light of the recent deterioration in his health.

Jonathan Pollard during an interview, May 15, 1998.

Jonathan Pollard during an interview at the Federal Correction Institution in Butner, North Carolina, May 15, 1998. – Photo: AP

Netanyahu told Kerry during a phone call Saturday evening that Pollard’s life was in danger. “After 30 years in prison, the time has come for him to be released and allowed to live out the remainder of his life as a free man.” Continue Reading »

Despite previous Obama assurances, administration blocks Pollard’s parole

J’lem Post reports the drama behind Obama administration’s blocking Jonathan Pollard’s parole hearing, which has been kept secret until now.

Today, Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard enters the 30th year of his life sentence for the crime of passing classified information to an ally. As he does so, he is aware that yet another possible door to his long-awaited freedom has just slammed shut.

Jonathan Pollard

Young women in the Bnei Akiva youth movement wear mock prison outfits to protest the imprisonment of Jonathan Pollard. – Photo:MARC ISRAEL SELLEM

The first time such a door closed was November 21, 1985, when he was prevented from entering the Israeli Embassy in Washington and arrested outside. Continue Reading »

Good News? Pollard’s release date deleted, replaced with ‘Life’

U.S. Bureau of Prisons spokesman reported that the change was merely ‘administrative,’ but for Esther Pollard, his wife, the change came as good news, she says.



The U.S. Bureau of Prisons changed Jonathan Pollard’s release date on its website from “Nov. 15 2015” to “Life.”

Jonathan Pollard during an interview, May 15, 1998.

Jonathan Pollard during an interview at the Federal Correction Institution in Butner, North Carolina, May 15, 1998. – Photo: AP

A spokesman for the Bureau of Prisons was unable Monday to explain the change on the bureau’s “inmate locator,” which he confirmed occurred recently.

Under sentencing guidelines in place in 1987 when Pollard, a former U.S.

Continue Reading »

Israel’s Justice Rubinstein: Time Overdue to Free Pollard

Israel’s leftest newspaper Haaretz alleged the judge’s remarks may have been a violation of the ethical standards for judges.

By Uzi Baruch, Gil Ronen


Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein, who is in Washington, reportedly issued a call last week to pardon Jonathan Pollard, who is serving a life sentence for spying for Israel.

According to a report in the leftist newspaper Haaretz, Rubinstein said Israelis were responsible for most of the errors made in the affair, but also accused Americans for some of the mistakes.

The Haaretz report alleged that the judge’s remarks may constitute an infraction of the ethical guidelines for judges. Continue Reading »

Israel calls allegations of massive spying against US, absurd


Israel slams a Newsweek report based on unnamed sources, claiming Jerusalem is involved in attempts to steal US ‘industry & technical secrets’.

A senior diplomatic source in Jerusalem said the report has a ‘whiff of anti-Semitism’.

By Attila Somfalvi


Israel on Tuesday hit back at a Newsweek report claiming American officials believe Israeli intelligence-gathering efforts in the US have “crossed red lines.”

US Entry Visa

US Entry Visa

The Israeli embassy in Washington issued a denial, saying that “Israel does not conduct any spying activities (against the US), and condemns any attempt to tarnish Israel with false allegations.”

A senior diplomatic source in Jerusalem said Israel would send the US a strong message over the report, even going so far as to argue that parts of it were “tainted with a whiff of anti-Semitism.” Continue Reading »

U.S. intelligence claims visa waiver for Israel would facilitate espionage


According to a report in Roll Call, the House Judiciary Committee warned that allowing Israelis entry into the U.S. without a visa would make it easier for Israelis to spy.


Officials in the United States intelligence community are opposing admitting Israel to the Visa Waver program – a program easing foreigners’ entry to the country – for fear that this would facilitate espionage, Roll Call reported, Friday. The Visa Waver program, already including 38 countries, would allow Israelis to visit the U.S. for up to 90 days without taking out a visa.

Israelis stand in line for visas at the United States Consulate in East Jerusalem.

Israelis stand in line for visas at the United States Consulate in East Jerusalem.

Continue Reading »