WATCH: Israel Police ignite 10 tons of confiscated fireworks in one colorful explosion


Israel Police find more that just drugs during a raid on a suspected drug lab, leading them to explode 10 tons of illegal fireworks in a quarry in the center of the country.

By Roi Yanovsky


A raid on a drug lab in the center of the country yielded a storage container packed with roughly 10 tons of fireworks and other dangerous devices. Police decided to destroy the cache of illegal explosives and have now opened an investigation into the property owner.

Policeman tells of court order to destroy fireworks because of the danger from their improper storage in populated area.

The fireworks were seized during an operation by police to locate drug labs after receiving tips.

After receiving permission from the court, police consulted with demolitions experts who advised a controlled explosion in a quarry in the center.

Israel Police confiscate 10 tons of illegal fireworks – Photo: Israel Police


Police sappers wiring illegal fireworks to explode – Photo: Israel Police

The decision to conduct a controlled demolition in an uninhabited area was taken “due to the tremendous volume of explosives which pose a danger to the public,” said police in a statement.

Sappers examined the explosives and estimated that the fireworks are equivalent to roughly a ton of TNT.


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