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Explosion in Gaza apartment leaves 2 dead Palestinians, 8 injured

Explosion in apartment building in the Gaza City neighborhood of Saja’iyya leaves 2 Palestinians dead, injuring another 8, 3 seriously, was said to have been caused by unusually large amount of fireworks going off.

By Elior Levy


Two Palestinians were killed and eight other were injured—three of them seriously—in an explosion Saturday in an apartment in the Gaza City neighborhood of Saja’iyya, Palestinian officials reported.

Neighbor films smoke from explosions in Gaza City apartment that kills 2, injures 8 – Screenshot

A Hamas police investigation found a large amount of fireworks that were in the apartment, apparently used as a fireworks workshop, went off. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel Police ignite 10 tons of confiscated fireworks in one colorful explosion


Israel Police find more that just drugs during a raid on a suspected drug lab, leading them to explode 10 tons of illegal fireworks in a quarry in the center of the country.

By Roi Yanovsky


A raid on a drug lab in the center of the country yielded a storage container packed with roughly 10 tons of fireworks and other dangerous devices. Police decided to destroy the cache of illegal explosives and have now opened an investigation into the property owner.

Policeman tells of court order to destroy fireworks because of the danger from their improper storage in populated area. Continue Reading »

Israeli police seize weapons called ‘Christmas decorations’ destined to E. Jerusalem Arabs

Israel Police suspect that the weapons in the 2 containers, which included fireworks, knives & electroshock devices, were meant to be given to Palestinian protesters.


Three suspects from northern Israel are in custody after taking possession of two shipping containers full of fireworks, knives, swords and electroshock weapons, according to the Israel Police.


Israeli police inspect the contents of containers in which weapons were found under the guise of Christmas decorations, 2014. – Photo: Israel Police

A gag order on the seizure was lifted on Thursday.

The containers were shipped from China under the guise of Christmas decorations and addressed to a resident of Beit Hanina, a largely Christian neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

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New Rules of Engagement for IDF: Soldiers May Open Fire When Attacked With Fireworks

IDF Legal Advisor for Judea & Samaria issued orders  allowing the use of live fire at the fireworks handler in life-threatening situations.

By Gil Ronen


The Legal Advisor for the IDF’s Judea and Samaria Division, Colonel Doron Ben Barak, has given soldiers permission to use live fire against rioters who attack them with fireworks, if the fireworks endanger their lives.

“There are circumstances in which aiming a firework directly at a soldier from close range may create a real and immediate danger to his life, efficient defense against which may certainly require opening live fire against the person who fired the fireworks,” determined the advisor. Continue Reading »