WATCH: Undercover Border Guard Police arrest stone-throwers in Jerusalem


Arab onlookers film undercover agents within crowd of stone-throwers detain and arrest hooligans.
Mayor of Jenin tells Ynet that PA security forces thwarted 3 knife-attacks at the Jalamah checkpoint.

Roi Yanovsky, Elior Levy


Undercover Border Police troops arrested on Tuesday five Palestinians aged 13-25 who were throwing stones at police and Border Police forces in Jerusalem’s Ras al-Amud neighborhood.

Video footage obtained by Ynet shows the Palestinian youth hurling the stones at security forces, and several seconds later captures the Border Police detective, in civilian clothes, catch them in the act.

The stone throwers have been gathering at schools in the neighborhood, from where many stone-throwing incidents occur both before and after the school day.


PA thwarts three terror attacks

The Palestinian Authority has recently thwarted three stabbing attacks at the Jalamah checkpoint, Jenin’s mayor Ibrahim Ramadan told Ynet on Tuesday.

The terror attacks were stopped by Palestinian security forces that were stationed on the Palestinian side of the checkpoint and dressed in civilian clothes.

Women were arrested in all three foiled attacks. During the ongoing wave of violence, before Palestinian forces were stationed there, there were four attempted stabbing attacks at the checkpoint.

Palestinian security sources told Ynet that Palestinian policemen also go undercover during rioting in the West Bank, in an effort to stop any attempts of Palestinian rioters to shoot at IDF and Border Police forces.

Last month, officials in Military Intelligence said they believe Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was not inciting to violence against Israel, and was actually instructing his troops to act to calm down the tensions in the West Bank.

The IDF officials said then that the Palestinian security forces continue their cooperation with the IDF.


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