World leaders support Palestinian police-state despite arbitrary arrests, torture

VIDEO REPORT: Except Trump, world leaders support and defend the kleptocratic Palestinian heads, finance the corrupt and brutal police-state governments in both Gaza and the West Bank, and remain silent as hundreds of arbitrary arrests and torture are regularly used to crush dissent.

By Human Rights Watch, agencies, Israel and Stuff


A 2 year investigation by Human Rights Watch into patterns of arrest & improper detention conditions of 86 cases in the West Bank and Gaza, show that the Palestinian governments in both of the authorities routinely arrest those whose peaceful speech offends them and torture those in their custody.

These findings are based on interviews with 147 persons, most of them ex-detainees, but also family members, lawyers, NGO representatives, and a doctor; and substantiated in photographic and video evidence, medical reports, and Palestinian court documents.


Arrested for Stopping Attack on Jews

A brave Arab man who was brutally tortured by the Palestinian Authority speaks before an Israeli governmental committee in the Knesset about his ‘crime’: He prevented a terror attacks against Jews.


“Where does your legitimacy come from?”

And finally, in an epic moment that flabbergasted the Palestinian UN delegation leaving them shocked, while stunning the entire General Assembly, watch ex-Hamas member Mosab Hassan Yousef, speaking on behalf of the NGO UN Watch, expose Abbas’ Palestinian Authority as a corrupt, brutal dictatorship.