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World leaders support Palestinian police-state despite arbitrary arrests, torture

VIDEO REPORT: Except Trump, world leaders support and defend the kleptocratic Palestinian heads, finance the corrupt and brutal police-state governments in both Gaza and the West Bank, and remain silent as hundreds of arbitrary arrests and torture are regularly used to crush dissent.

By Human Rights Watch, agencies, Israel and Stuff


A 2 year investigation by Human Rights Watch into patterns of arrest & improper detention conditions of 86 cases in the West Bank and Gaza, show that the Palestinian governments in both of the authorities routinely arrest those whose peaceful speech offends them and torture those in their custody. Continue Reading »

Human Rights Watch: World should stop financing a Palestinian “Police State”

HRW director details his two years of documenting arbitrary arrests & torture which has been “systematic” under Palestinian rule for decades, while the West continues to finance it, ignoring the horrible transgressions by the Fatah & Hamas kleptocrats, to focus rather on the Jewish State.

By Israel Today Staff


More often than not, allegations of Israeli abuse take up all the headlines, leaving little room (or desire) to report on the verifiable abuses being perpetrated against the Palestinians by their own governments.

And, according to a scathing report produced by Human Rights Watch, those abuses are “systematic.”

The report labeled both the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and the Hamas regime in Gaza as “police states,” and wondered why Western governments that purport to oppose such things continue to send so much of their taxpayers’ money to the Palestinians. Continue Reading »

Western nations boycott UNHRC’s anti-Israel ‘Agenda Item 7’


Pakistan’s Deputy Representative requested Western nations participate in the anti-Israel Agenda Item 7, noting their absence undermines the credibility of the council.


Western states on Monday boycotted the Agenda 7 debate at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, in which over 35 countries attacked Israeli human rights abuses against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.