Zoabi condemns jailing teen terrorists as ‘medieval’, but is OK with their knife-attacks


view videoArab MK fumes over the Jewish State’s ‘fascist’ moves to halt wave of teen stabbing attacks directed at Jews, claiming the age of criminal responsibility should be higher, as to not jail them for ‘attempted murder’ or ‘murder’.

By Tova Dvorin


MK Hanin Zoabi (Joint List) harshly criticized the Justice Ministry’s push to lower the age by which minors can be sentenced to jail to 12, claiming that the decision is “fascist” and a human rights violation.

Arab MK Hanin Zoabi (Joint List)

“This tramples rights and radically tramples lives,” Zoabi fumed. “This proposal illustrates how the state is becoming fascist, and it proves it’s not willing to wake up and understand.”

“The Justice Ministry refuses to understand the responsibility of the state to feelings of frustration, despair and distress of Palestinian youth,” she continued. “Do not lower the age of criminal responsibility and do not send children aged 14 prisons.”

She further claimed that “prison sentences for children aged 12 recalls medieval regimes,” despite the fact that the age of criminal responsibility in the US, UK, and Australia is 10, and typical jailing age in all three countries and Canada is 12.

Zoabi cited the Youth Trial, Punishment, and Modes of Treatment Law (1971) dictates that the concept of criminal responsibility of children is fundamentally different than that of adults.

This isn’t considered ‘medieval’, only their incarceration after stabbing Jews is, according to Arab MK Hanin Zoabi

Zoabi’s remarks follow a rise in teen terrorism in Israel; in two separate attacks in Pisgat Ze’ev, Jerusalem, a pair of teens aged 12 and 15 in once case, and 11 and 14 in another, stabbed Israelis with intent to kill.

The incidents have raised questions about Israel’s current practices regarding minor terrorists, as 13 year-old Ahmed Mansara – who stabbed two people in the first stabbing incident – is due to turn 14 in a few short weeks, thus allowing legal leeway to sentence him to prison for his crimes.

Earlier Wednesday, Muawiyyeh Alkam told police he carried out the cold-blooded attack “to kill Jews” as “revenge” for the death of a cousin who was shot during a similar attack, also raising questions about appropriate punishment.


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