2 Naval officers sent packing after liquor party


Commanders of Hanan Maman, the soldier who died after jumping on moving train were dismissed for allowing their soldiers to hold party against Military Regulations.

Squadron has history of booze-related accidents

By Yossi Yehoshua


Four days after the death of a Navy combatant who fell off a moving train, it has been revealed that the previous night soldiers from his squadron held a booze party against protocol.

מוות מחריד בין אשדוד לאשקלון

Soldier jumped on train to retrieve backpack

Navy commander Maj.-Gen. Ram Rotberg has decided to dismiss the soldiers’ ranking officer, a captain, and his deputy, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday.

Hanan Maman was killed Thursday after he jumped on a moving train in the hopes of retrieving a forgotten backpack. The tragedy occurred exactly one year after two officers from his squadron were killed after returning from a unit party involving heavy drinking.

Their car had overturned on Route 4 after it hit a truck; the two were killed instantly. It should be noted that the driver was not found to be driving under the influence.

Military Police are still investigating the circumstances behind Maman’s death and have not ruled out the possibility it was alcohol-related.

The Navy also probed the case and officials were shocked to learn that officers had failed to draw lessons from last year’s accident and went ahead with the party against protocol.

“We have no idea what the commanders were thinking when they signed off on this night,” a senior Navy official said Sunday. “The boat commander knew that it was wrong.”

The official noted that only last week commanders held a talk about alcohol drinking guidelines. It was therefore decided there should be no room for leniency and the two officers were dismissed.

It should be noted that the squadron commander, a lieutenant colonel, was dismissed last year following the Route 4 accident and a new commander, who according to officials has repeatedly warned against alcohol intake, was appointed in his place.

Sources within the IDF said that the Navy commander has been fighting against the boozing phenomenon. The IDF said in response, “The IDF shares in the Maman family’s mourning.

The incident is being investigated by the Military Police and its conclusions will be turned over to the military prosecution. It should be noted that disciplinary measures have been taken.”


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