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Israel’s 2nd Sa’ar 6 stealth warship changes how IDF tackles naval threats

The INS Magen, Sa’ar 6-class corvette, is being retrofitted by IDF technicians with advanced electronic warfare, weapons & communication systems developed in Israel. Next in line, the INS Nitzachon & INS Atzmaut that were just handed over to the Israel Navy Tuesday.



The INS Magen, the Israeli Navy’s most advanced Sa’ar 6 corvette missile ship, docked in Haifa’s port in December, but the ship still smells new, and is still being fitted with all its weapons systems.

“It’s making history,” said Lt.-Col. Omer Carmi as he welcomed The Jerusalem Post onto the ship. “The whole ship is new, in every single way. Continue Reading »

Israeli Navy supplies medical services in NATO Mediterranean drill

In this 2nd joint naval exercise between NATO maritime forces and the IDF, Romanian and Greek military vessels act out emergency scenarios that require the Israeli Navy to facilitate immediate medical evacuations to Rambam Hospital in Haifa.



Israel became the first NATO partner to participate in an exercise with Operation Sea Guardian, which NATO launched in November 2016.

The exercise, called “Crystal Sea,” was meant “to develop regional medical support to ensure that any health issue among the crew on board military ships participating in Operation Sea Guardian can be addressed quickly, wherever the ships are sailing at the time,” according to NATO. Continue Reading »

Israel’s navy holds exercises to neutralize any surprise Hezbollah attack

In the largest IDF drill since 1998, tens of thousands of people participated from the different military branches, including reservists, to bolster their preparedness for the next war on Israel’s northern frontier.

By Yoav Zitun


The Navy is drilling fighting off Hezbollah naval commandos mounting a surprise attack on Israel as part of a large-scale amphibious training exercise taking place in the north this week.

Among other scenarios, the Israeli sailors faced a swarm of jet skis and small motorboats carrying Hezbollah fighters, divers and suicide bombers.

IDF NAVY drill – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The drills are designed to prepare the navy for the most extreme scenarios in any future opening of a military campaign launched by Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. Continue Reading »

Israeli missile boats modified to repel naval cyber ‘intrusions’ by foreign military vessels


Israel’s Navy is equipping its missile boats with crews & electronics that will safeguard the country’s shores from probing cyber encroachments.

By Udi Etsion

Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov has recently arrived at the shores of Syria accompanied by its companion vessels. The ships are in the area as a deterrent measure, but also in order to collect intelligence via electronic means. As a response, the Israeli Navy has upgraded its cyber warfare capabilities, placing special crews onto its missile boats.

Russia's Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier - Wikimedia Commons/Mil.ru.

Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier – Wikimedia Commons/Mil.ru.

“The (fight) isn’t just with the possibility of infiltration into your systems – you need to ensure that if there is an infiltration, the infiltrator won’t be able to cause damage or collect critical intelligence and will be identified quickly,” said an IDF cyber warfare official.Cyber

Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israeli Navy receives 5th Dolphin class submarine, INS Rahav




The Israel Navy’s fifth Dolphin submarine, and second new-generation AIP (air independent propulsion) platform has left its German manufacturing center for a 3000 mile journey to its home base at Haifa naval base, a senior naval source said Thursday.

Israel navy Dolphin class – IDF

The INS Rahav is carrying some 50 personnel, and “minimal weapons needed to protect itself,” before its arrival in Israel next month.

After its arrival, Israeli systems will be installed on board. Continue Reading »

2 Naval officers sent packing after liquor party


Commanders of Hanan Maman, the soldier who died after jumping on moving train were dismissed for allowing their soldiers to hold party against Military Regulations.

Squadron has history of booze-related accidents

By Yossi Yehoshua


Four days after the death of a Navy combatant who fell off a moving train, it has been revealed that the previous night soldiers from his squadron held a booze party against protocol.

מוות מחריד בין אשדוד לאשקלון

Soldier jumped on train to retrieve backpack

Navy commander Maj.-Gen. Ram Rotberg has decided to dismiss the soldiers’ ranking officer, a captain, and his deputy, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday.

Hanan Maman was killed Thursday after he jumped on a moving train in the hopes of retrieving a forgotten backpack. Continue Reading »

Naval Soldier killed falling from moving train


Navy soldier’s tragic death appears to have happened after falling from moving train on which he jumped on to retrieve his forgotten backpack, on his way back to base.

Ilana Curiel

What was initially thought to be suicide now appears to be a tragic accident: Navy combat soldier Hanan Maman was killed falling from a moving train after forgetting his backpack in the train, an investigation into his death on Thursday suggests.

מוות מחריד בין אשדוד לאשקלון

Soldier jumped on train to retrieve backpack

Police suspect the soldier documented the event on his cell phone, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

According to the investigation, Maman, who was on his way to his base in Ashdod, forgot his backpack before getting off at the Ashdod railway station. Continue Reading »

Greece, Israel & the U.S. Launch Joint Naval Exercise

US, Israeli & Greek warships begin a 2-week joint naval exercise codenamed “Noble Dina” on Thursday, the Israeli military reported.

By Maayana Miskin


Israeli, Greek and US warships began a joint two-week Mediterranean naval exercise on Thursday, IDF spokespeople revealed. The exercise has been codenamed “Noble Dina.”

NavyThe drill will test a variety of skills, including navigation, search and rescue, fast response to naval crisis situations, medical evacuation and more.

According to AFP, there are reports that the exercise was designed in part to practice defending offshore gas rigs. In recent years Israel has discovered huge gas fields off the Mediterranean shore. Continue Reading »

1 lightly injured as volley of rockets hit Ashkelon

Palestinian official says Egypt-brokered truce talks continue.

Palestinians: 2 killed, 15 hurt as IDF striked overnight

PM reportedly tells Obama he won’t launch ground operation unless Hamas escalates rocket attacks



A number of rockets targeted the South Sunday morning after a several-hour reprieve from rocket fire overnight Saturday as the IDF targeted dozens of sites in the Gaza Strip. One rocket struck a building in Ashkelon Sunday morning, lightly injuring one person and causing serious damage to the building.

IAF strikes in Gaza - Photo: REUTERS/Darren Whiteside

IAF strikes in Gaza – Photo: REUTERS/Darren Whiteside

At least two other rockets hit Asheklon Sunday morning. Continue Reading »