2nd Palestinian Terror Attack of the Day: 2 Israelis Wounded, Arab Attacker Dead


40 yr-old male Palestinian resident of Tulkarem area committed the unprovoked knife-attack, leaving both of the unarmed Natanya victims stabbed, but stable, as they were sent to hospital.



A Palestinian terror attack on Israeli civilians, the second of the day, was carried out in the vicinity of Netanya’s central market, on the corner of Milkhemet Sheshet ha-Yamim Street (Six Day War Street) and Shoham Street.

Netanya terrorist. – Photo: MEDIA/GENERAL IN WHATSAPP

The assailant, a 40-year old Palestinian male, stabbed and wounded two Israelis before being shot and killed by an armed civilian present at the scene, with security forces arriving in the minutes following the attack.

Today’s First Palestinian Knife-Attack:

Initial investigations have revealed that the terrorist was a resident of the Tulkarem region. Tulkarem is a Palestinian town on the other side of the Green Line from Netanya, around 16km east of the coastal city. Police were reportedly searching for an accomplice who transported the man into Israel.

Magen David Adom reported that two Israelis: a 40-year old man, apparently Haredi, and a 30-year old woman, had been stabbed in their chest and back, respectively.

Both were taken to Laniado Hospital, and were fully conscious according to medics. Their conditions have been described as stable; the male victim was last updated as being in a moderate condition, while the woman was less severely wounded.


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