Anti-Hamas protest counters Palestinian conference in Berlin

Outside the ‘Palestinians in Europe Conference’ in Berlin, a counter-rally of some 50 activists organized by a coalition of Jewish & pro-Israel groups, demonstrated with banners like, “Free Gaza from Hamas” & “Make Peace Not War”

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


A small gathering of anti-Hamas protesters rallied in Berlin during the 13th edition of the Palestinians in Europe Conference, while pro-Palestinian demonstrators streamed through the German capital protesting against Israel.

The protest against the Conference of Palestinians in Berlin – Photo: Reuters

The situation of Palestinian refugees in Syria and the drafting of a declaration on Palestinian rights, such as the right of return, was to top the agenda at the one-day gathering, organized by the Palestinian Community of Germany and the British-based consultant firm Palestinian Return Centre.

Credit: Reuters

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators chanted and marched towards the Treptow Arena, where the conference was being held. One participant said Europe needed to do more to highlight the plight of the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, police said some 50 anti-Hamas protesters staged a peaceful counter-rally, organized by a coalition of Jewish and pro-Israel groups going under the name Berlin Against Hamas.

They came with banners reading “Make Peace Not War” and “Free Gaza from Hamas” and held a picket line as conference attendees and demonstrators walked by.

“We have organized this event to oppose pro-Hamas organizations which are against Israel,” said Volker Beck, a lawmaker and chair of the German-Israeli parliamentary group in the Bundestag. “Palestinians and Israelis can only live together in security and freedom when they recognize each others’ rights.”


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