Arrested Hamas militant gives details about Gaza’s tunnel network to Israel

Israel’s Shin Bet arrest Hamas operative who confessed to his involvement in terror tunnel planning, attacks, and much more from Gaza.

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The IDF revealed Tuesday that Israeli security forces had arrested a militant of the Hamas terror organization who was actively involved in plotting tunnel attacks from the Gaza Strip.

Hamas fighters inside a tunnel – Al Qassam Brigade file photo

Rafah resident Ibrahim A’adel Shahada Shaer, 21, was arrested in early July as part of a joint Shin Bet [Israel Security Agency] and Israeli police operation, the IDF spokesperson said in a statement.

Shaer gave interrogators a plethora of detailed information regarding Hamas’ terror activities in Rafah, including how Hamas planned attacks during conflict and its intentions to use terror tunnels to carry out attacks against Israel civilians.

“Shaer confessed to have been fully involved in the planning of the continued terror tunnel network in the Gaza Strip over recent months,” the IDF said. “He revealed information regarding the construction of a terror tunnel leading from Rafah to the Kerem Shalom crossing.”

According to the IDF, Shaer elaborated on Hamas’ tunnels in the Rafah area, including various locations of construction sites and tunnel shafts as well as the outline of the tunnel network.

“During Operation Protective Edge, Shaer was a part of the logistics department of Hamas, and assisted in transporting military equipment and IEDs to Hamas operatives,” according to the IDF statement. “He also took an active part in combat, by planting explosive devices against IDF tanks and assisting in observation.”

During his investigation, Shaer revealed details of the relationship between Iran and the Hamas terror organization.

He told the Israelis questioning him that Iran provides military support to the terror organization.

Shaer said that Iran supports Hamas by transferring funds, advanced weaponry and electronic equipment such as frequency disruption devices used in order to shoot down Israeli UAVs.

Iran in the past has trained Hamas operatives to infiltrate Israeli territory and airspace, Shaer said, according to the IDF.

The Hamas member also talked about how his organization mistreated materials brought to the Gaza Strip for reconstruction and rehabilitation. Shaer said that Hamas uses the materials in order to rebuild terror infrastructure and execute terror activities.

On July 31, the district court of Beersheba indicted Shear for membership and association with illegal organizations, attempted murder, interaction with foreign spies, illegal military trainings and several weapon related offenses.


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