At least 15 Arab stone-throwers arrested as Palestinians & police clash on Temple Mount

Israel Police use stun grenades to disperse crowd of youths throwing stones at them.

Similar Arab violence took place only days earlier.



At least 15 arrests were made at the Temple Mount on Friday, as Palestinian youths and police clashed at the sacred site only days after similar clashes took place there.

Video still of clashes at the Temple Mount on Wednesday.

Palestinian stone throwers at the Temple Mount on Wednesday. – Screenshot

The youths threw stones at the police officers, who were at Mughrabi Gate entrance to the site in the Old City of Jerusalem. Police entered the Temple Mount and used stun grenades to disperse the crowd.

When the police left, the youths once again began to throw stones. Border Police and Israel Police reentered the site to disperse them, and returned to Mughrabi Gate once the site was quiet.

A number of the youths and one police officer were injured and treated on the scene.

A similar incident took place on the eve of the Jewish New Year on Wednesday, when at least seven were arrested amid clashes between stone-throwing youths and police at the sacred site.

Earlier Wednesday, police prevented some 16 busloads of Muslim worshipers from reaching the Temple Mount amid fears of unrest at the site.

Video courtesy Israel Police Spokesperson Unit


Over the last few weeks, the Islamic Movement has been increasingly protesting the visits of Jewish worshipers to the holy site, claiming that such visits disrupt the status quo.

On Tuesday, Islamic Movement leader Sheikh Raed Salah was arrested on his way to Jerusalem to attend a press conference marking a day of pilgrimage to Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Islamic Movement had declared this would take place on Wednesday.


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