Caught on car-cam: Arab terror-Rock Ambush

Jewish victim’s car-cam films young Arab terrorist in the act of throwing a large stone at his car as it drives by.

By Gil Ronen


A Jewish resident of Mahane Yatir, in southern Mount Hevron, was ambushed by a rock-wielding Arab youth Friday as he drove toward the community of Carmel, not far from the Zif Junction.

Rock attack caught on video - Arutz7 Screenshot

Rock attack caught on video – Arutz7 Screenshot

The event was caught on video by the man’s car cam. This may be the first time such an attack is caught on video in real time, although rock attacks are common in Judea and Samaria, and have become regular occurences in Jerusalem as well. A large rock thrown into a car hurtling down a road can easily kill or maim the driver and passengers, or cause the driver to lose control of the car.

A two-year-old baby suffered serious head injuries Thursday at southern Jerusalem’s Armon Hanatziv neighborhood in a similar attack. Her condition has improved markedly in the days since the attack.

Three-year-old Adelle Biton suffered serious head injuries as the result of a rock ambush in Samaria in March. Baby Yonatan Palmer and his father, Asher, were killed in such an attack in 2011.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed to catch the “criminals” who targeted the baby, Avigail Ben-Tzion, and security forces recently rounded up 21 suspects in “road terror.”

However, the rock ambushes reflect a growing brazenness on the part of the Arab enemy, which is constantly being incited to violence by the Palestinian Authority, and since the attacks cost nothing, require no planning, and are usually carried out by minors, it is hard to see how the arrests will put an end to the phenomenon.

A recent video explained how rock ambushes are used to deadly effect by Muslims against Jews in the Land of Israel.

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  1. Todd Appelbaum says:

    Since it cost the Arab minors nothing, a policy of shooting a few minors might make them think twice about committing this terrorist act in the future.

    • Nope. The kids become martyrs for the struggle, and the reason to hate Israel has just been confirmed.

      Israel need to follow Russia’s lead in counter-terrorism legislation.(IMHO). Moscow has made the culprits & their immediate family liable for all costs. Parents will think twice if they have to arrive with a bank-check of $100,000 to cover vehicle repairs, medical, legal, court costs, and the one I like, compensation to the police, army and all gov’t personnel involved in the incident.

      At sentencing, the Judge will tell the family how much MORE they need to pay to complete restitution. Then the kids will receive THEIR punishment.
      I think parents will think twice before allowing their sons to throw rocks at passing cars.

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