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Caught on car-cam: Arab terror-Rock Ambush

Jewish victim’s car-cam films young Arab terrorist in the act of throwing a large stone at his car as it drives by.

By Gil Ronen


A Jewish resident of Mahane Yatir, in southern Mount Hevron, was ambushed by a rock-wielding Arab youth Friday as he drove toward the community of Carmel, not far from the Zif Junction.

Rock attack caught on video - Arutz7 Screenshot

Rock attack caught on video – Arutz7 Screenshot

The event was caught on video by the man’s car cam. This may be the first time such an attack is caught on video in real time, although rock attacks are common in Judea and Samaria, and have become regular occurences in Jerusalem as well. Continue Reading »

Arab Attacks on Mount of Olives are declining

Thousands of mourners expected to visit Mount of Olives cemetery in the week before Yom Kippur.

Activists also report a drop in grave desecrations by Arab extremists.

By Gil Ronen


Thousands of people are expected to come to the ancient cemetery at the Mount of Olives in the days before Yom Kippur, to visit the graves of their loved ones and graves of “tzaddikim,” or wise and righteous people.

Desecration of Jewish graves, Mount of Olives – Israel news photo: Rafi Fischer

This year they can do so with less trepidation, activists say, because the security situation there has improved markedly in recent months. Continue Reading »

Security Chief to stone-throwers: ‘silk glove treatment is over.’

Security forces are ending their ‘silk glove treatment’ of Arabs who attack Israeli towns with stones & firebombs, said security chief Yehuda Dana.

By Maayana Miskin


The IDF is increasingly determined to stop Palestinian Authority-resident Arabs’ attacks on Israeli communities, and is willing to use live fire if necessary, says Yehuda Dana, security chief for the Beit El region.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Dana said there has been an escalation in Arab attacks on Israeli civilians in recent months. “Their brazenness has crossed the line – they are doing what they didn’t do for years, like reaching the fence of an Israeli community and throwing rocks into the community, causing injuries,” he related. Continue Reading »

IDF Soldiers at the Mercy of Rock Throwers

The number of IDF soldiers injured by rocks throwers soar, as they are not allowed to open fire.

By Gil Ronen

A report by a political activist and reservist combat soldier claims the IDF has effectively capitulated in the face of Arab rock and firebomb attacks.

Writing in the web magazine Mida, Erez Tadmor says that in the past week, since the grave injury of Yaakov Zlatkin at the hands of an Arab mob, he has spoken with dozens of officers and soldiers who all said the same thing: The health and security of Jews who live in Judea and Samaria, as well as those of the soldiers who are supposed to guard them, have been left to the mercy of the enemy. Continue Reading »

Former FM: IDF should open fire on rock-throwers

Former FM Liberman urges IDF to make appropriate changes to military rules of engagement, claiming “only this kind of change will stop targeting of citizens.” Too many civilians seriously hospitalized or killed by stone throwers.



Yisrael Beytenu chairman Avigdor Liberman urged incoming Defense Minister, Moshe Ya’alon, on Sunday to change the IDF’s rules of engagement to instruct soldiers to open fire at “rock-throwing terrorists.”

Bus damaged by stones on Route 5 near Ariel, March 14

Bus damaged by stones on Route 5 near Ariel, March 14 – Photo: Channel 10

Liberman asserted that “rock-throwing [should] be treated like shooting using firearms,” adding that “only this kind of change will stop civilians and soldiers from being targeted by Arab rioters and prevent disasters.”

Continue Reading »