Photo Essay: Having Completed IDF Course, Muslims swear allegiance to Israel


Consisting largely of Muslim Bedouins, along with Christians and Muslim Arabs, who all volunteered for IDF service, the March 2016 induction of Desert Reconnaissance Battalion soldiers were sworn in on Thursday, having completed their rigorous basic training.

By Yoav Zitun


The swearing-in ceremony for the March 2016 cycle of Desert Reconnaissance Battalion soldiers was held on Thursday at the Memorial Monument to the Bedouin Warriors with the majority of the sworn-in soldiers being Muslim. Before their commanders and families, the soldiers, mostly Bedouins with some Muslim and Christian Arabs who volunteered to join the IDF, swore allegiance to the State of Israel and its defense.

Two IDF supplies: rifle and Koran – Photo: EPA

Photo: EPA

Commencement of the Swearing in ceremony – Photo: EPA

Private Suliman el-Magnun proudly displays the IDF Oath of Allegiance – Photo: EPA

Newly sworn-in IDF soldiers of Desert Reconnaissance Battalion – Photo: EPA

The swearing-in ceremony took place three months after the beginning of the training course, eventually becoming full-fledged infantry soldiers.



One of the soldiers who took part in the ceremony was 20-year-old Private Suliman el-Magnun, a resident of the Al-Fura village in the Bedouin area of the Negev. El-Magnun enlisted following his two brothers and a cousin’s volunteering for the IDF as well. One of his brothers served in Golani and the other as a tracker. His cousin was in the Ordnance Corps.

IDF officer salutes the newly sworn-in private – Photo: EPA

Soldier proudly accepts his IDF-provided Koran for the swearing-in ceremony, as a life-long memento – Photo: EPA

“When we swore allegiance to the state, I did it with all my heart,” said the excited private. “I understood how important it was to give and do my part for the country in which I was born, that I live my life in, and that I’m proud of.”