IDF jets blow up Palestinian terrorists placing road-side-bomb on Israel’s border

The Palestinian terror-cell, which had three of its members blown up, was located in the southern Gaza Strip. A Palestinian report from Gaza acknowledged the three deaths were a result of a [retaliatory] air-strike facilitated by 37 rockets that were fired at Israel.



The IDF struck a terror cell trying to place an IED explosive device on the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip, the army said in a statement on Sunday.

The cell, which had three members, was located in the southern Gaza Strip. Palestinians reported three deaths as a result of the strike.

Fire is seen after an Israeli airstrike on southern Gaza. – Photo AFPSaid Khatib

The weekend saw a violent flareup in Gaza and the surrounding border communities, as 37 rockets were fired at Israel, which responded by hitting more than 80 Hamas terror targets.

Residents of the Gaza Border communities protested in light of the South’s security situation in Tel Aviv on Sunday, blocking off an interchange near Azrieli towers in downtown.

The residents carried out a mock air-raid siren drill, in addition to carrying signs and blocking streets.

Residents held similar protests at interchanges in their local communities on Saturday night.


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