Islamic Jihad Fool Blows Himself Up in Fatal ‘Work Accident’

A clumsy Islamic Jihad terrorist, from the organization set to join PLO leadership, accidentally detonates explosives in Gaza.

By Ari Yashar


A bumbling Gaza terrorist of the Islamic Jihad terror group died on Monday morning, after having a “work accident” with an explosive he was handling.

The 25-year-old terrorist had his unlucky run-in with the bomb in Jabalia, a town in northern Gaza, reports Channel 10.

Two other terrorists, also of Islamic Jihad, were killed on Saturday in an explosion that reportedly occurred while training with various devices.

The explosive that killed the terrorist this Monday likely was similar to those often set on the Gaza security border targeting IDF soldiers.


Just last Wednesday explosive charges were detonated on the security border as soldiers passed nearby, with no injuries caused, although equipment was damaged. The same day, three mortar shells were fired on troops from Gaza.

The constant trickle of terror from Gaza continued last Friday as a rocket was fired at Israel, and shots were fired at IDF soldiers operating near the security border.

Islamic Jihad announced last Tuesday that it is making preparations to join the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) following the new unity deal. PLO is recognized internationally as the body representing the “Palestinian people,” despite having never renounced terrorism.


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