Israel decreases Palestinian tax transfers as PA ‘Pay to Slay’ increases

Mahmoud Abbas fumes at further Israeli cuts to tax transfers as deduction keeps pace with the additional $70 million the PA paid to jailed terrorists, or families of the dead terrorists who attacked Israelis.

By Israel Today Staff


As part of the fight against terrorism, Israel has been cutting tax dollars paid out to the Palestinian Authority (PA) for quite some time. The reason for this is that the PA keeps using their own taxpayers’ money it collects from Israel to make payments to terrorists and their families – dollars intended for administrative and humanitarian purposes for the Palestinian people.

Recently, a law was passed in Israel stating that all payments made to families of terrorists will be deducted from the taxpayers’ money Israel collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority. Goods coming into the Palestinian territories must come through Israeli ports and border crossings, and the Israeli government collects these taxes and passes the money on to the PA.

Palestinian Authority paves the way to pay future terrorists by promoting incitement on Palestinian Educational TV, while they’re still young. – Screenshot: Palestinian Media Watch

Now that Israel has found out that the Palestinian Authority is sending even more of these dollars to terrorists in Israeli prisons, as well as the families of the suicide bombers and dead terrorists, Jerusalem is now compelled to cut yet another quarter billion shekels from these tax monies.

The Palestinian Media Watch is monitoring how many payments the Palestinian Authority is making to terrorists and their families. Last year, in 2018, the Palestinian regime made payments of half a billion shekels ($145 million) to terrorists and their families. This was followed by a deduction from the collected taxes of the same amount.

The Palestinian Authority is already in financial trouble due to previous cuts, claiming that it cannot, for example, pay hospital or electricity bills to Israel. However, the PA does not seem to have learned from their mistakes, because this year they made payments of another 241 billion shekels ($70 million) to terrorists.

The priorities of the Palestinian Authority are clearly intended to pay for terrorism at the expense of their own people’s everyday lives, including food, housing and even health care. Israel feels obliged to further cut these tax payments in order to deter terrorism and show support for the Palestinian people.


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