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Israel to resume transfer of Palestinian tax revenues to PA

Netanyahu says government’s decision to release collected taxes was on recommendation of Israel’s security establishment, & due to humanitarian considerations.

By The Associated Press


Israel says it will resume the transfer Palestinian tax revenues that it has been withholding as punishment for unilateral Palestinian actions.

Palestinian President Abbas with Prime Minister Netanyahu – Photo: AP

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said Friday the decision was made following the recommendation of Israel’s security establishment and because of humanitarian considerations.

“The tax revenues that accrued up until February will be transferred, offset by payments for services rendered to the Palestinian population, such as electricity, water and hospitalization,” said Netanyahu’s office. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Energy Minister Says Use Frozen PA Account to Pay Off Enormous Electric Debt

Israeli Energy & Water Minister Shalom said Israel should use the frozen PA tax money to pay off the Palestinian’s intentionally unpaid electric bill.

By Elad Benari


Energy and Water Minister Silvan Shalom on Saturday called on Israel to use the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) tax money it froze to pay off the PA’s enormous debt to the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC).

“Following the decision to freeze half a billion shekels in Palestinian tax money, I have asked that the funds will be transferred to cover the Palestinian debt to the IEC, which continues to rise every month,” Shalom wrote on Facebook.
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Palestinians Protest High PA ‘Exit Tax’ from West Bank



Palestinian residents of the West Bank argue charge of $43 as port exit fee for crossing Allenby Bridge into Jordan, is too much.

The Media Line, Abdullah H. Erakat


It has three names. But for the majority of Palestinians, it serves one purpose – as the sole gateway to the rest of the world.


Leading to the Israel terminal then on to the Allenby Bridge – Photo: Reuters

Known to them as Al Karameh Bridge, Israelis refer to it as Allenby Bridge and the Jordanians as the King Hussein Bridge. West Bank residents who use it have to trek to the city of Jericho. Continue Reading »

Israel will no longer pass Tax Funds to PA

Israel has decided to withhold taxes collected for the PA that were to be transferred next month.
No more free electricity.

By Chana Ya’ar


Israel has decided to withhold taxes collected for the Palestinian Authority that were to be transferred later in the month. Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz made the announcement Sunday morning at the weekly government Cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.

The move is being made in response to the United Nations vote to approve a new status for the PA as a nonmember observer state — in effect, recognizing the PA as a de facto sovereign state. It allows the PA access to numerous U.N. Continue Reading »