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SleepyJoe seeks to restart Palestinian funding that finances ‘Pay to Slay’ Jews

1500 Rabbis outraged that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wants to keep ‘2-state solution’ viable by pressuring Israel to not apply sovereignty to Israel’s biblical heartland, to resume funding the Palestinians [despite its financing of ‘Pay to Slay’ Jews] and reopen the PLO headquarters in Washington.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), representing over 1500 traditional rabbis in matters of public policy, today called upon Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee in the 2020 Presidential race, to withdraw his statement that he would resume funding to the Palestinian Authority despite its ongoing provision of financial rewards to the families of terrorists, and his claim that Israel would ‘jeopardize a two-state solution’ were it to extend sovereignty over Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Continue Reading »

J’lem District Court: PA to pay $142M to families of Israeli terror victims

Brought to the Jerusalem District Court by Shurat HaDin on behalf of 8 families, the final amount follows last summer’s ruling that the Palestinian Authority was liable for damages of up to $284 million.

By JNS, Israel Hayom Staff


The Jerusalem District Court ruled on Friday that the Palestinian Authority must pay NIS 500 million ($142 million) to the families of those killed in Palestinian terrorist attacks, mostly during the Second Intifada (2000-2005).

Judge Moshe Drori ruled last July that the PA was liable for damages of up to NIS 1 billion ($284 million), since which time the Israeli legal organization Shurat HaDin worked to prove damages on behalf of eight families representing 17 complaints in which 34 Israelis were murdered and seven wounded, mostly between the years 2000 and 2002. Continue Reading »

Palestinians Angered at ICC Report Suggesting War Crimes Violations

Palestinian school books teach Arab children to become martyrs, then the PA rewarding them with lifetime stipends incrementally based on the number of Israeli Jews murdered could constitute a war crime according to a report by the Int’l Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor.

By The Associated Press


JERUSALEM — Palestinian officials expressed “great concern” Thursday over a report by the International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor that includes a warning that Palestinian stipends to attackers and their families could constitute a war crime.

Palestinian government’s ‘Pay to Slay’ Pricelist to (the families of) killed and incarcerated murderers. – PMW

Palestinian Foreign Affairs Minister Riad Malki said the prosecutor’s office’s report was “based on misleading narratives of a political nature … rather than an objective and accurate description of the relevant facts.” Continue Reading »

Norway’s Ruling coalition instructs gov’t to freeze aid to Palestinians

The ruling coalition members of the Norwegian Parliament sent a letter instructing the government to reduce or withhold financial payments to Palestinian Authority over “references to violence, martyrdom and terror” being taught in PA school books.
– The statement read, “The coalition considers this to be devastating…and finds it unacceptable that Norwegian funds support a school system that promotes such destructive values.”

By Marcy Oster/JTA,


Parliament members in Norway, one of the world’s main donors to the Palestinian Authority, demanded these contributions be suspended over incitement in school textbooks.

Members of the ruling coalition said in a statement Thursday that it is instructing the government to “reduce or withhold financial support to the Palestinian Authority if they do not provide satisfactory improvements in school materials” soon. Continue Reading »

Holland ends direct aid to Palestinians over ‘Pay to Slay’ Israelis policy

The Netherlands stopped its annual $1.6 million payment directly to the Palestinian Authority when $198 million went to pay the families of terrorists killed during their attacks on Israelis and another $160 million to Palestinians being held in Israeli jails on terror charges.



The Dutch government has cut funding for the Palestinian Authority over its salaries to terrorists serving time in Israeli jails.

The aid ministry announced the move Wednesday during annual budget talks.

In 2017, the Palestinian Authority paid about $198 million to a fund for the families of terrorists killed during their attacks and about $160 million to Palestinians being held in Israeli jails, according to Israeli Defense Ministry figures. Continue Reading »

Israel decreases Palestinian tax transfers as PA ‘Pay to Slay’ increases

Mahmoud Abbas fumes at further Israeli cuts to tax transfers as deduction keeps pace with the additional $70 million the PA paid to jailed terrorists, or families of the dead terrorists who attacked Israelis.

By Israel Today Staff


As part of the fight against terrorism, Israel has been cutting tax dollars paid out to the Palestinian Authority (PA) for quite some time. The reason for this is that the PA keeps using their own taxpayers’ money it collects from Israel to make payments to terrorists and their families – dollars intended for administrative and humanitarian purposes for the Palestinian people. Continue Reading »

UK to disclose amount of PA aid goes “to encourage & reward murder”

Overturning last year’s decision, the UK believes there is a ‘significant public interest’ in knowing how much of the £430.5 million the UK gives the Palestinians that’s not earmarked for specific targets, but does go “to encourage & reward murder” of Israelis.



The United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has ordered the Department for International Development (DFID) to disclose audit reports of accounts into which British grant money was transferred and allegedly used to pay salaries to convicted Palestinian terrorists.

The decision, signed on Friday by Jonathan Slee, senior case officer for the Information Commissioner’s Office, overturns a 2018 refusal by both the DFID and its internal reviewer to disclose these reports, following a Freedom of Information request made by UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) last year. Continue Reading »

Despite economic hardship Palestinians increase ‘Pay to Slay’ by 12%

Just as the PA claims it’s on the brink of financial collapse, Palestinian Media Watch reported that Palestinian Authority autocrat has approved paying terrorists and their families nearly $66 million in the first 5 months of 2019 and vowed to keep up payments, “even if the PA has to spend its last penny to do so.”

By  Gilad Zwick , Israel Hayom Staff


The Palestinian Authority paid terrorists and their families 234 million shekels ($65.6 million) in the first five months of 2019, documents obtained by the Palestinian Media Watch revealed Wednesday. This figure represents an 11.8% increase in the stipends budget, underscoring Ramallah’s distorted priorities, as the PA claims it is on the brink of financial collapse. Continue Reading »

Terror victim censures UK for financing Palestinian’s ‘Pay to Slay’ Jews

British-born Kay Wilson, who miraculously survived a vicious machete attack by two Palestinian terrorists, lashes out at the naïve, (or convenient) policy of financing generous monthly stipends that is paid by the PA to jailed terrorists.
– Israel, Australia and the United States have levied harsh penalties against the PA for their policy to hire would-be assassins of Jews.



A British-born Israeli is accusing the UK government of subsidizing a Palestinian terrorist who seriously wounded her and killed her friend in a 2010 attack near Jerusalem.

Tour guide Kay Wilson was stabbed 13 times and her American friend Kristine Luken was killed in the machete attack by two Palestinian terrorists in the Jerusalem hills in December 2010. Continue Reading »

Bankrupt Palestinian lawmakers approve secret 67% pay raise

Palestinian public livid, but not overly surprised at their leadership known for its corruption, upon hearing of secret 2017 lavish payouts & perks, including a 67% salary hike made retroactive to 2014.
– Kept quiet for the past 2 years, the news of the unpublicized cabinet decision leaked this week when documents were posted anonymously to social media.

By The Associated Press , Israel Hayom Staff


The Palestinian labor market in the West Bank was limping along in 2017, with unemployment stubbornly high and economic growth slowing. But that didn’t stop the Palestinian Authority cabinet from secretly giving itself a series of lavish payouts and perks, highlighted by a 67% salary hike. Continue Reading »

Israel follows US in deducting ‘Pay to Slay’ funds by withholding $138 million

The decision to withhold payments began last year when Israel’s Knesset passed a law requiring an ‘equal amount’ deducted from tax transfers to the PA, unless the generous monthly stipends to Palestinian security prisoners and their families ceased.
– Outraged PA officials condemned the decision, threatening it would damage ongoing security cooperation.

By i24NEWS


Israel’s security council approved a million dollar freeze on funds transferred to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in a bid to offset terrorist’s salaries, after months of bureaucratic wrangling culminated in the government’s sizable to slash the West Bank-based body on Sunday.

The tax revenue cut amounts to approximately $138 million, which is over NIS 500 million and according to media reports will likely be deducted incrementally over a 12-month period. Continue Reading »

Trump sends ultimatum to Palestinians to end ‘Pay to Slay’ national policy

“The United States condemns the Palestinian Authority’s payments to terrorists and their families,” warns Edgar Vasquez, a White House spokesman, “This is unconscionable and must stop if there is to be any hope for peace.”



The Trump administration is warning the Palestinian Authority that severe US aid cuts to Ramallah may be in the offing unless it ends its compensation program for the families of murderers and terrorists convicted by Israel.

Responding to reports that the family of the killer of Ari Fuld, an American citizen, would receive official compensation for the terrorist act, a White House official noted that recent congressional legislation compels the administration to “restrict the use of Economic Support Funds that directly benefit the Palestinian Authority” unless the State Department “certifies that the PA has taken steps to end the practice of providing payments to individuals, and families of individuals, who committed acts of terrorism.” Continue Reading »

Israel confiscates Hamas cash given to Palestinian terrorist’s family

Continuing the policy of subverting payments to terrorist families, Israel police and intelligence units seised illicit funds after attaining information regarding monies transferred from Hamas to east Jerusalem family of terrorist who murdered 8 students.



Police and the Shin Bet raided the home of a terrorist’s family that received funds and support from Hamas, police said on Wednesday, after a joint operation conducted in the morning.

The raid was the result of a covert operation in which police and intelligence units gathered information regarding money that they say Hamas gave to the family of Hisham Hussein Abu Dhaim, who carried out the deadly terrorist attack on the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem in 2008, in which eight students were murdered. Continue Reading »

Defiantly Abbas vows to pay jailed terrorists directly from PA coffers

Senior officials at Palestinian autocrat Mahmoud Abbas’ office said the decision was part of Abbas’ sworn ‘policies of rejectionism,’ crafted in response to President Trump’s policies on Jerusalem.
• In 2017, the PA spent $358 million ‬for “pay to slay” to the families of terrorists killed or jailed for carrying out attacks against Israel.

By Daniel Siryoti and Shlomo Cesana


The Palestinian Authority announced Wednesday that it will begin making direct payments to terrorists imprisoned in Israel, despite the United States’ efforts to curb what has been criticized as “pay to slay” benefits.

Last week, the U.S. government passed the Taylor Force Act, which suspends some financial aid to the Palestinian Authority over the stipends it pays the families of terrorists killed or jailed for carrying out attacks against Israel. Continue Reading »

Pragmatic look at who & why Palestinian ‘lone wolf terrorists’ attack for money & fame

According to Israel’s Shin Bet security agency, most lone-wolf terror attacks are ‘Palestinian agenda’ motivated.
– But, for many Palestinians who suffer from mental disorders, are the victims of religious, sexual or financial entanglement, or victims of physical abuse by family members, they see the monetary windfall of Abbas’ government that pays extremely well for murdering Israelis as the perfect solution of escaping from their troubled lives, while also becoming a national hero.

By The Associated Press


For years, Palestinian laborer Nimer Jamal would make the short daily commute from his West Bank village to the settlement of Har Adar, where he was known as a friendly and conscientious worker who earned the trust of local residents, some of whom he even befriended and invited to his wedding.Then Continue Reading »