Israeli Submarines Spotted Off Coast of Lebanon

Israeli subs have allegedly been spotted cruising off of Lebanon’s coast between Sidon & Nakura.

By Chana Ya’ar


Israeli submarines have allegedly been spotted cruising off the coast of Lebanon between Sidon and Nakura, according to a report in Lebanese media.

The Dolphin-class submarine first entered service in 2000. – Photo- IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

French tracking installations informed the United Nations that the subs had been detected, according to the report, published in the Al-Dayar daily newspaper.

Israel Air Force jets regularly patrol the skies of Lebanon for a number of reasons, deterrence against weapons transports from Syria to the Hizbullah terrorist organization among them.

Lebanon has filed complaints with the United Nations that Israel is in violation of the U.N. 2006 cease fire resolution 1701 each time IAF aircraft are detected in Lebanese air space.  However, resolution 1701 calls for disarmament of all groups other than the Lebanese government army, and particularly the disarmament of terrorist organizations such as Hizbullah.

U.N. Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) which were to oversee that process, to be carried out by the Lebanese Army, declined to enforce the order, and the Lebanese government refused to carry it out.

Hizbullah, meanwhile, has never laid down its arms, and has restocked its arsenal of missiles to a capacity far beyond that which it had prior to the start of the 2006 Second Lebanon War. The terrorist group is generously funded, equipped and trained by the Iranian and Syrian governments.


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