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Done Deal: Israel signs new MoU for more German Dolphin class submarines

This version of Memorandum of Understanding enables Germany to withdraw if developments on corruption case in Israel shows cause, and allows Israel to purchase another 3 Dolphins, in addition to the 6 already acquired.

By Ronen Bergman


Germany approved a secret Memorandum of Understanding Thursday night with Israel which will see the latter purchase three more Dolphin submarines, on top of the six already previously acquired, Yedioth Ahronoth has learned.

Israel navy Dolphine class sub. – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The MoU underwent several changes in the last week following pressure exerted by senior German officials who sought to create a framework which would enable Germany to easily pull out of the deal in accordance with developments relating to the ongoing investigation into the submarine scandal investigation, also known as Case 3000. Continue Reading »

Der Spiegel: Germany approves nuclear-capable submarine deal with Israel


Germany’s daily Der Spiegel reported Germany’s national security council has approved a deal to sell Jerusalem three additional nuclear-capable submarines for the IDF, despite accusations of wrongdoing in deal leveled against Israeli PM’s personal attorney.

By Reuters


Germany’s national security council has approved a deal to sell three further nuclear-capable submarines to Israel, magazine Der Spiegel reported on Friday, the latest act in a defense deal that has been overshadowed by corruption allegations.

The $1.5 billion transaction came to public attention when it emerged that shipbuilder ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems’ Israeli intermediary had retained Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal lawyer David Shimron to act on his behalf. Continue Reading »

Magazine: Training for Israel’s Dolphin-class submarine fleet


Walking from the periscope simulator to see the elevator-like diving simulator, one passes a poster of a sub’s conning tower peeking through the ocean surface and two real dolphins jumping from the water, reminding us of where this submarine class got its name.



‘Push the wheel forward,” the trainer says. The helm of a submarine looks like the controls of a large commercial airliner. It tilts forward and backward depending on whether someone wants the submarine to dive or surface. On either side of the steering column are two panels with buttons indicating alarms and autopilot functions. Continue Reading »

Israel’s menace from the depths, its new fleet of Dolphin class subs

Col. (res.) Michael Kesari, who headed the Israeli Navy’s Dolphin submarine project with Germany, offers an in depth look into how “the best conventional submarine in the world” was developed & built.

By Aharon Lapidot


A submarine is a an expensive tool of war, and if anyone thinks the public discussion over purchasing submarines for the Israeli Navy began only a few days ago, they need to think again.

 Israeli Dolphin-class sub during multi-national drill in the Mediterranean Sea - Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson's Unit.

Israeli Dolphin-class sub during multi-national drill in the Mediterranean Sea – Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

The idea to buy submarines from Germany was first raised in the 1980s, after the Lebanon War. Continue Reading »

Israel, Germany discuss sale of advanced Dolphin-class submarines


Israel Navy has reached out to Germany about the possible purchase of three new, more advanced and larger Dolphin-class submarines to be delivered in the next decade.



Israel is seeking to buy three more advanced submarines from Germany at a combined price of 1.2 billion Euros ($1.3 billion), reported Maarivon Friday.

Israel navy Dolphine class – Photo courtesy: IDF

The Maariv daily said that a deal due to be signed on November 7 aims to replace the oldest vessels in its existing Dolphin fleet, which began entering service in 1999.

German government spokesman Georg Streiter told AFP that Israel is considering buying new submarines to replace its existing fleet “from 2027 on.” Continue Reading »

WATCH: IDF holds first-ever joint Israel-Italy submarine rescue exercise


view video clip belowWATCH: Becoming one of the few navies to ever carry out such an underwater operation, the Israeli navy holds special rescue & medical exercises with their Italian counterparts in order to perfect extricating the crew safely from a sunken submarine.

By Yoav Zitun


An Israeli Navy submarine crew took part in an exercise last week, which simulated the rescue of a sunken submarine on the high seas. This type of exercise is rare among navies, and the first of its kind in Israel.

Israeli Navy in exercises with the Italian navy – Photo: IDF spokesperson

The drill, held off the coast of Atlit, was conducted with the special cooperation of the Italian navy – one of the few in the world that maintains the ability to extract a sunken submarine’s crew. Continue Reading »

Five Mind-Blowing Technological Wonders of the IDF


The Israel Defense Force is one of the most technologically advanced armies on the planet. Check out the IDF’s 5 most innovative weapons, (…at least the ones that we can tell you about) which help Israel’s soldiers on the battlefield every day.

Photos: IDF Spokesperson’s Office


1. The IDF Unmanned Ground Vehicle

The border with Gaza is one of Israel’s most tense regions. Hamas snipers, anti-tank missiles and explosives threaten IDF soldiers whose job it is to patrol the security fence on the border.

To counter these threats, the IDF has introduced the Guardium Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), which patrols the Gaza fence around the clock. Continue Reading »

Israeli Submarines Spotted Off Coast of Lebanon

Israeli subs have allegedly been spotted cruising off of Lebanon’s coast between Sidon & Nakura.

By Chana Ya’ar


Israeli submarines have allegedly been spotted cruising off the coast of Lebanon between Sidon and Nakura, according to a report in Lebanese media.

The Dolphin-class submarine first entered service in 2000. – Photo- IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

French tracking installations informed the United Nations that the subs had been detected, according to the report, published in the Al-Dayar daily newspaper.

Israel Air Force jets regularly patrol the skies of Lebanon for a number of reasons, deterrence against weapons transports from Syria to the Hizbullah terrorist organization among them. Continue Reading »

Iran Navy unveils new submarines and warships

Iran claims to have become self-sufficient in manufacturing military vessels – from midget submarines to missile-launching warships.

Teheran  says it would use its military strength only for safeguarding peace & security in the Gulf.




The Iranian Navy unveiled two new submarines and two missile-launching warships on Wednesday, Mehr news agency reported.

An Iranian warship docked at the Syrian port of Latakia, Feb. 25, 2011. Photo by AP

An Iranian warship docked at the Syrian port of Latakia, Feb. 25, 2011.- Photo by AP

The two domestically-built Ghadir submarines and the Sina-7 warships – together with two repaired hovercrafts – officially joined the Iranian Navy, Mehr quoted navy commander Habibollah Sayari as saying.

Iran said in June that it would use its nuclear technology know-how to design nuclear-powered submarines, which could enable the navy to have a constant presence in free waters as well as long-distance operations. Continue Reading »

How Dangerous Are Tehran’s Subs?

Iran has a flotilla of 20 submarines, most of them domestically built in the last fifteen years; untested in war, do they pose a threat?

Iran’s fleet of twenty submarines poses a dangerous and unpredictable force in the Persian Gulf region.

The United States – with its Fifth Fleet is based in Bahrain and carrier groups frequently deployed in the region – has not revealed what it knows about Iran’s capabilities.

Iranian Kilo class submarine.

Iranian Kilo class submarine. Wikimedia Commons / US Federal Government photo

Military analysts believe the U.S. has been using aircraft, satellites, subs, and underwater sensors to monitor the activities of Iranian subs at sea. Continue Reading »