President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins welcomes founder of BDS movement

Irish President Michael Higgins welcomed Omar Barghouti at a trade Union conference in Belfast, where the anti-Israel, BDS founder was the guest of honor.

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Irish President Michael d. Higgins met on Thursday with the founder the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, Omar Barghouti, Ynet reported.

The meeting occurred at a trade Union conference in Belfast, where Barghouti was a guest of honor.

BDS victory against Israel….at the expense of the Palestinians

Barghouti was also received warmly in the city of Derry, which, earlier this year, adopted a BDS resolution.

Higgins has a long history of criticizing Israel. He served as the head of Friends of Palestine in the Irish Parliament and has been known to participate in anti-Israel protests, including some where Hezbollah flags were flown. Higgins himself signed a BDS petition in 2004.


Higgins has expressed in the past that he believes solving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict will resolve all conflict in the Middle East.

The Irish president has also referred to Israel’s security fence on the West Bank border as an “apartheid wall.”

The Israeli foreign ministry issued a statement on Thursday, acknowledging that it was aware of Higgins’ meeting with Barghouti.

“The embassies in Dublin and London were aware of Barghouti’s visit to the trade union conference held in Northern Ireland. The ambassador in Dublin delivered his protest at the appropriate levels concerning the inclusion of Barghouti in the Irish President’s blessing to conference participants,” the statement read.


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