Russian official tells Lebanese TV: Israel used Jericho missile to strike Iranian base

Russian officials tell Hezbollah affiliated Al Mayadeen TV in Lebanon, that for the first time, Israel fired Jericho I surface-to-surface missiles on an Iranian base in Syria.

By Roi Kais


Israel reportedly launched Jericho I surface-to-surface missiles for the first time in its alleged attack on an Iranian base in Syria, Russian officials told Lebanese TV channel Al Mayadeen, which is affiliated with Hezbollah.

Jericho MD620 – Photo: Wikimedia Hebrew

Al Mayadeen reported that two Jericho I missiles were launched, with one of them intercepted by the Russian aerial defense system Pantsir-S1, which was deployed to Syria to protect Russian military personnel in the war-torn country.According to foreign sources, the missile has been in Israel’s arsenal for decades, since the 1960s, but there have so far been no reports of such a missile being used in operational settings.

Arab media outlets reported Saturday that Israel attacked an Iranian base near the town of al-Kiswah, 15 kilometers southwest of Syrian capital Damascus.Syrian state television corroborated the report, saying Israeli missiles struck a military position near Damascus overnight and Syria’s air defense system thwarted them.

“The Israeli enemy launched…several surface-to-surface missiles towards a military position,” state television said, adding there had been “material losses” at the site.


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