Sbarro terrorist gets TV show

Ahlam Tamimi, Hamas operative freed in Shalit deal, hosts weekly show about Palestinian prisoners


Ahlam Tamimi, the Hamas terrorist who drove a suicide bomber to the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem where 15 people were consequently killed, has gotten her own television show, according to Israel’s Ynet.

Tamimi, who was sentenced to 16 life terms in Israeli prison, was freed in October as part of the swap that bought IDF soldier Gilad Shalit‘s freedom. She was deported to Jordan, where she appears to have launched a television career.

The Hamas-affiliated Al-Quds satellite channel has slotted Tamimi to present a weekly show called “Nassim al-Ahrar,” which deals with Palestinian convicts imprisoned in Israel, and those who have been freed. The channel has been aggressively promoting the show.

In an interview published shortly after her release, Tamimi said she does not regret her involvement in the attack, which took place in 2001.


‘Abductions will free prisoners’

During the show’s early episodes, Tamimi focused on the first phase of the Shalit deal, which freed 450 Palestinian prisoners. Tamimi interviews her subjects in her studio, over the phone and through satellite broadcasts.

תמימי על המסך. לא מתחרטת לרגע על מעורבותה בפיגוע

Ahlam Tamimi on screen, broadcasting from Jordan

The show’s first episode featured several prisoners freed in the deal, who expressed hope that the show would raise awareness across the Arab and Muslim wold for the plight of the Palestinian inmates.

In another episode, Tamimi interviewed Salah Arouri, a Hamas official who was involved in the negotiations over the Shalit deal. Arouri showed what he said was the original contract for the swap. He also claimed that Israel doesn’t understand any language other than resistance.

“The only way to free our prisoners from jail is through resistance, abductions and prisoner swaps,” he said, calling on the Palestinian factions to kidnap Israeli soldiers and officers.


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By: Elior Levy