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Tel Aviv makes list of world’s top culinary cities as “Outstanding”


Tel Aviv is home to over 4,500 eating establishments & 3 vibrant open fresh-food markets that food purveyors are proud of, & tour guides flock to with their groups.

By Yehuda Shlezinger


Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the cultural capital of Israel, has now been declared an international culinary capital in Saveur Magazine’s annual rankings of the best food destinations around the world.

Denizens of Tel Aviv were unsurprised to hear their city’s food lauded, but some think there is still room for improvement [Illustrative] – Phoot: Yehoshua Yosef

The prestigious American food and lifestyle magazine rated Tel Aviv “Outstanding” along with Florence, Italy and Lyon, France in the category of Best Culinary Destination, Small International, which refers to cities with a population of under 800,000.

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Sipping wine in a 150 yr-old German Knights Templer cave

Ovad & Shani describe pouring all their passion into their dream wine bar ‘Jajo’.


Two years ago, when I met Ovad and Shani Zetuni for the first time, they convinced me they had something interesting on their hands. Together we hopped over cesspits, rolled in the sand, got some fresh air and climbed down to find a damp cave with high, empty vaulted ceiling.

Shani and Ovad Zetuni in the new Jajo bar.

Shani and Ovad Zetuni in the new Jajo bar. – Photo: Ilya Melnikov

Our conversation echoed and there was a dripping noise in the background. Workers were busy reinforcing the walls, peeling off old material and plastering them anew, and the ceiling was festooned with ladders.

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More Jerusalem restaurants giving up Kosher certification


In Jerusalem the owner of Italian trattoria cites high costs and unneeded inconvenience as reasons for parting with Rabbinate’s Kosher certification. ‘There are plenty of people who trust me & my word more than the Rabbinate’s word that we’re kosher,’the owner claims.

By Linda Gradstein of The Media Line

For three years, Shai Ghini paid $500 per month for a kosher inspector to pop into his small Italian trattoria just off Jerusalem’s famous Mahane Yehuda market. He wanted to be able to call his restaurant, Topolino, kosher to attract Jerusalem’s religious clientele. Three years ago he gave up the certification and hasn’t looked back. Continue Reading »

Israeli restaurant: Turn off smartphone & get 50% discount


After winnings a $23 million Illinois lottery, Jawdat Ibrahim, who opened the restaurant in 1993 says smartphones have destroyed the modern dining experience: “We want people to socialize, instead of sitting with their phones.”

By The Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff

A restaurant owner in an Arab village outside of Jerusalem says he is on a mission to save culinary culture by making diners a simple offer: Turn off your cellphone and get a 50 percent discount.

Diners sit at a restaurant in Abu Gosh, just outside of Jerusalem – Photo: AP

Jawdat Ibrahim says smartphones have destroyed the modern dining experience.

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Sbarro terrorist gets TV show

Ahlam Tamimi, Hamas operative freed in Shalit deal, hosts weekly show about Palestinian prisoners


Ahlam Tamimi, the Hamas terrorist who drove a suicide bomber to the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem where 15 people were consequently killed, has gotten her own television show, according to Israel’s Ynet.

Tamimi, who was sentenced to 16 life terms in Israeli prison, was freed in October as part of the swap that bought IDF soldier Gilad Shalit‘s freedom. She was deported to Jordan, where she appears to have launched a television career.

The Hamas-affiliated Al-Quds satellite channel has slotted Tamimi to present a weekly show called “Nassim al-Ahrar,” which deals with Palestinian convicts imprisoned in Israel, and those who have been freed. Continue Reading »