Stone Throwing Ultra-Orthodox Jews Attack IDF Officer in Jerusalem

An IDF officer visiting 2 soldiers under his command, was assaulted by dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem neighborhood of Mea She’arim, causing extensive damage to his car.

By Kobi Nachshoni.


An IDF officer was attacked by dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews in the neighborhood of Meah She’arim in Jerusalem on Friday. The assailants – both adults and children – threw stones and eggs at him, caused damage to his car and yelled: “Hardak (frivolous haredi), we will kill you”.

Damage caused to officer's car

Damage caused to officer’s car – Courtesy

The officer, a resident of Kiryat Arba who serves in the Givati infantry brigade, had arrived at the neighborhood in Jerusalem to pay a visit to two of his soldiers – one of them a lone soldier whose grandfather had recently passed away.

The officer’s relatives said that the officer was careful to park his car just steps away from the soldier’s home so as not to “stir provocation or attract attention.”

Upon leaving the home of the second soldier, he was attacked. After managing to flee the area, he filed a complaint with the police and informed his commanders of the incident.

The soldier’s mother, Yael, told Ynet that the attackers were dozens of adults and children, who had tried to physically hurt the officer. “He was driving in his car, which is an armor protected vehicle because we live in Kiryat Arba – and when he was assaulted, he tried to flee the area,” she said.

“However, the children laid down on the road and prevented him from driving. They threw stones at him, and his windshield got shattered. After a few minutes he managed to escape by the skin of his teeth.”

Yael said that her son had told her that the attackers “had murder in their eyes,” and said that they were “just like the terrorists I met in Khan Yunis, in the last war. Not one person in the crowd tried to protect me. There was not one righteous man in Sodom.”


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