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Palestinian women turn to the Jewish State for abortions

Since Palestinian laws prohibit abortions if the pregnancy is a danger to the mother’s mental health, or even a result of rape or incest, most Palestinian women have no other choice but to turn to Israel, where laws are far more lenient.

By Reuters


“Fatma”, a mother of twins with a demanding workload, was distraught to discover she was pregnant again. Her doctor agreed to perform an abortion, she says, only after she promised to pretend the procedure had been a medical emergency.

Palestinian women stand on a beach in Gaza City during sunset on summer’s day – Photo: Reuters/Archive

“He felt sorry for me and told me, ‘If someone asks you how you ended up having an abortion, I will be in trouble and will lose my job, so say you were hemorrhaging at the time,'” said Fatma, who lives in the West Bank. Continue Reading »

Foreign Policy reports: 40% of West Bank Arab women have illegal abortions



By Arutz Sheva News Brief


A new report has found that about 40 percent of Arab women in Judea and Samaria have had abortions, even though the procedure is illegal.

Abortion clinic exam room. – Photo: OlgaKhazan

Foreign Policy reports that, in order to avoid going to a doctor for the abortion, many women try improvised methods such as inserting sharp objects into their bodies or jumping off of buildings.

Many of the women who seek abortions are married but say that they are afraid of their husbands, giving them even less incentive to search for help.


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