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Palestinians stop producing fake coronavirus masks, hand sanitizer

Over 40 Palestinians arrested on charges of manufacturing ineffective face masks, useless hand sanitizers and price gouging according to a PA official.



The Palestinian Authority has in the past two weeks closed several factories and businesses whose owners were caught manufacturing unlicensed face masks and hand sanitizers that were being sold to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

More than 40 suspects have been arrested on charges of fraud, price gouging and manufacturing unlicensed products, said an official with the PA Ministry of National Economy.

The crackdown came in response to complaints from many Palestinians that the products did not meet the standards and regulations of the PA Ministry of Health and Ministry of National Economy, the official said. Continue Reading »

PA caught misleading WHO with photoshopped propaganda

NGO Media Watchdog points to examples of photograph manipulation, distortion and fraudulent captions on a Palestinian Health Ministry report to UN Health body, in which photos were purposely given false captions to invent Israeli violations of Palestinian rights.

By Jonathan Benedek/TPS


Israel has challenged the accuracy and objectivity of a report submitted by the Palestinians to the World Health Organization (WHO), saying it is riddled with misleading or false captions to photos accusing the Jewish state of wrongdoing.

A report released last month by the UN health organization warned of the “mental, physical, and environmental health” of Palestinians under Israeli control. Continue Reading »

Palestinian women turn to the Jewish State for abortions

Since Palestinian laws prohibit abortions if the pregnancy is a danger to the mother’s mental health, or even a result of rape or incest, most Palestinian women have no other choice but to turn to Israel, where laws are far more lenient.

By Reuters


“Fatma”, a mother of twins with a demanding workload, was distraught to discover she was pregnant again. Her doctor agreed to perform an abortion, she says, only after she promised to pretend the procedure had been a medical emergency.

Palestinian women stand on a beach in Gaza City during sunset on summer’s day – Photo: Reuters/Archive

“He felt sorry for me and told me, ‘If someone asks you how you ended up having an abortion, I will be in trouble and will lose my job, so say you were hemorrhaging at the time,'” said Fatma, who lives in the West Bank. Continue Reading »

Analysis: 49% of Gazans Killed in Operation Protective Edge Were Terrorists

An updated and detailed study on the reported Palestinian Health Ministry’s phony death tally reveals a more accurate and unprecedented terrorist to civilian ratio.

By Tova Dvorin


The terrorist to civilian ratio of Palestinian deaths in Operation Protective Edge is an unprecedented 1:1, a news study released last week reveals – supporting earlier findings regarding the so-called “civilian casualties” Hamas touts to international media.

According to the highly respected Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC), 49% of the “martyrs” listed on the Hamas-run Palestinian Health Ministry (PHM) list were found to have been linked to terrorist organizations; just 51% were confirmed civilian casualties. Continue Reading »