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IDF announces Beduin enlistment on upswing after declining years

IDF believes the 40% increase in 2017 of Beduin 18 yr-olds volunteering to enlist is due to Defense Ministry benefits and occupational training offered to the recruits.



After years of steady decline in the number of young Beduin volunteering to enlist in the IDF, the past year has seen a reversal of that trend manifesting in a 40% increase in 2017. Four hundred and twenty Beduin men joined the army in 2017, up from 300 in 2016, and the IDF aims to increase recruitment further, to 600, in the coming year.

Despite the fact that the number of members of the Beduin sector who choose to enlist is still objectively low, the army believes that the recruitment potential will increase significantly, even as the community experiences a processes of religious radicalization and deepening rupture with the state, especially among the southern tribes. Continue Reading »