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Israel’s Defense Minister warns Iran of Israel’s wrath should Red Sea be blocked

Israel’s DM Liberman warns Iran of repercussions if it blockades Bab al-Mandab Strait: ‘I want to emphasize, in such a case we will be less selective, and the damage to our enemies will be far more acute.’

By Gary Willig


Prime Minister Binyaamin Netanyahu warned Iran not to attempt to block a key naval passage connecting Israel to the Red Sea.

PM Netanyahu addresses 2018 Naval Officers’ Graduation ceremony. – Photo: Haim Zach/Israel’s GPO

“The sea provides us with many opportunities. Above all it increases the small size of the State of Israel and allows us to deploy our vessels above and below the waves across a vast area. Continue Reading »

Israel Releases Details About Gaza Blockade Measures

Among the protocols taken by the blockade, the amount of calories were calculated by the IDF to avoid a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

By Scott Krane



The IDF has said that a mathematical formula was devised to set the food needs of Gazans in order to avoid a humanitarian crisis during the blockade that started in September 2007.

The Israeli pro-Hamas NGO Gisha denies this information.

“The official goal of the policy was to wage ‘economic warfare’ which would paralyze Gaza’s economy and, according to the defense ministry, create pressure on the Hamas government,” reads the Gisha report.

The blockade of the region, populated by 1.5 million people was meant to weaken the abilities of militants to commit acts of terror. Continue Reading »

PA Calls For Int’l Protection For Estelle

PA Calls for int’l protection for Finnish flagged boat, Estelle, sailing to Gaza.

By Scott Krane


On Sunday, the Palestinian Authority (PA) called for international forces to protect a boat carrying pro-PA activists trying to break Israel’s naval blockade on Gaza.

Hamas has urged the world to respond to the Finish-flagged boat, Estelle, by pressuring Israel to end its blockade on Gaza, Xinhua has reported.

PA spokesperson Nour Odea said “The international community must provide protection for the flotilla because it is a legitimate peaceful activity directed against the Israeli siege…”

The boat set sail from Naples, Italy, on October 7, carrying more than a dozen activists bearing “humanitarian aid”, most of them from Western countries. Continue Reading »