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Israel’s Defense Minister warns Iran of Israel’s wrath should Red Sea be blocked

Israel’s DM Liberman warns Iran of repercussions if it blockades Bab al-Mandab Strait: ‘I want to emphasize, in such a case we will be less selective, and the damage to our enemies will be far more acute.’

By Gary Willig


Prime Minister Binyaamin Netanyahu warned Iran not to attempt to block a key naval passage connecting Israel to the Red Sea.

PM Netanyahu addresses 2018 Naval Officers’ Graduation ceremony. – Photo: Haim Zach/Israel’s GPO

“The sea provides us with many opportunities. Above all it increases the small size of the State of Israel and allows us to deploy our vessels above and below the waves across a vast area. Continue Reading »

Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan slams water deal with Israel just day after historic agreement


Ignoring the 3 extraordinary benefits to Jordan, the Islamic Action Front condemns yesterday’s historic agreement with the ‘Zionist enemy’ to construct the Two Seas Canal project that will rehabilitate the Dead Sea.

By i24news


The Islamic Action Front (IAF), Jordan’s main opposition party, on Sunday slammed a deal signed between the country and Israel to build a pipeline to link the Red Sea with the shrinking Dead Sea and combat regional water shortages.

Jordanian protesters – Photo: AFP

The IAF, a political front for the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, criticized the agreement with what it called the “Zionist enemy,” saying it links the “strategic interests [of the two countries] with regards to energy and water.”

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Jordan and Israel sign historic deal to save Dead Sea

The new Two Seas Canal will rehabilitate Dead Sea by pumping water from the Red Sea, provide drinking water alleviating Jordan’s chronic water problems, and produce electricity to power entire project and more.



Jordan and Israel signed a deal on Thursday to build a pipeline to link the Red Sea with the shrinking Dead Sea and combat regional water shortages. The official Petra news agency said that the agreement signed in the Jordanian capital, Amman, would set in motion the implementation of the first phase of a long-awaited project.

Israel’s Silvan Shalom with Jordan’s Nasser sign deal

The Red Sea–Dead Sea Conduit also known as the Two Seas Canal will carry some 100 million metric cubes of water to the north annually, thus hopefully slowing down the process Dead Sea’s desiccation. Continue Reading »

Israel, PA, & Jordan to sign historic trilateral Red Sea-Dead Sea pipeline plan

The project involves 180 km. of tunnels & pipelines, a tremendous desalination plant & 2 hydro-power plants.

Energy & Water Minister Silvan Shalom is due to attend “historic” signing ceremony at World Bank headquarters in Washington DC.



Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority were expected on Monday to sign an agreement on a Red Sea-Dead Sea pipeline project.

Energy and Water Minister Silvan Shalom was due to attend what he called the “historic” signing ceremony at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC.

“The program has garnered the Prime Minister’s support, along with the support of [Palestinian Authority President] Mahmoud Abbas among the Palestinians and of course the support of the King of Jordan,” Shalom told Army Radio. Continue Reading »