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REPORT: Trump administration bringing trade war to Israel

Trump’s decision to upgrade the existing agricultural trade agreement should reduce protectionism, opening Israeli markets to more competition & lower prices. That will have great support in Israel, where high consumer costs are a frequent source of frustration that have facilitated numerous state-wide protests.

By Omri Milman, Bloomberg


US President Donald Trump’s ambition to change the rules of global trade is not skipping over Israel, according to a report by Bloomberg news. US trade negotiators will be visiting Israel this week for discussions on upgrading the existing agricultural trade agreements and reduce tariffs for American farm exports to Israel.

Under the existing agreement, “virtually any product produced in Israel that can be competitive in the U.S. Continue Reading »

Bloomberg index places Israel as 5th ‘Most Innovative Economy’ in the world

The 2019 Bloomberg Innovation Index advanced Israel from 10th place last year to 5th place this year as a result of better patent registration, outpacing the US, China, the UK and Japan.



Israel has been named as the fifth most innovative economy in the world, according to the 2019 Bloomberg Innovation Index.

Last year, Israel was ranked in 10th place but this year jumped to fifth place as a result of better patent registration, which has played a large part in its improvement in the rankings.

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Financial Report: Israel ranked 3rd ‘Most Stable Economy’ for 2016


Bloomberg financial news agency just published its index citing near-zero inflation and a low unemployment rate as stabilizing factors in its report determining the Jewish State as the 3rd most stable economy for 2016.

By Zeev Klein and Israel Hayom Staff


Near-nonexistent inflation and a low unemployment rate of 4.8% have helped propel Israel to the No. 3 spot on a list of the world’s most stable and promising economies for 2016 published by the Bloomberg financial news agency.

People visiting shops at the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station  – Tahana Merkazit

The Bloomberg list named Hong Kong as the most stable economy in 2016, followed by South Korea. Continue Reading »