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5yr-old Arab girl was found tied up in bathroom, covered in blood

Magistrates Court extends arrest of parents who are in Israel illegally, after 5 yr-old daughter was found by police with hands & feet bound and “covered in her excretions and blood, unable to move.”

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Rishon Lezion Magistrates Court on Tuesday extended the arrest of the Arab man whose five-year-old daughter was found tied up and alone in the shower in the family’s home in Lod.

According to Channel 12, the police investigator said: “Yesterday, during the early evening hours, we received a report of a child screaming and crying from inside an apartment. Police officers arriving at the scene discovered a locked apartment and entered exactly when the owner arrived. Continue Reading »

Shocking Video: Young Palestinian Boy With Handgun Opens Fire on IDF Soldiers

The sad reality in Gaza is that Hamas gives children weapons, and wouldn’t have cared if they died, having been sent to fire on IDF soldiers, since that would provide ammunition for their public relations arm in the Palestinian war to demonize & delegitimize Israel.

By Israel Today Staff


We’ve all been horrified by “summer camp” videos of Gaza’s Hamas overlords encouraging and training Palestinians children as young as five years of age to violently attack Israel.

The one shred of hope has been that as those children grow, perhaps they’ll come to their senses before getting an opportunity to actually engage in a deadly confrontation with Israelis. Continue Reading »

Hamas Exploits ‘Terror Tots’, Children Soldiers as Suicide Bombers For Palestine

Hamas’s Interior Ministry celebrates its 5 yr-old armed children soldiers, and in doing so, proves little separates the ‘Palestinian resistance’ from the genocidal Islamic State. 

By Ari Yashar


Hamas evidently wanted to leave no doubts that when it comes to implementing its jihadist genocidal goals of wiping out the Jewish people by all terrorist means at its disposal, age is no barrier – and that brainwashing works all the better the younger you start.

Hamas child soldier: The Ultimate exploitation of child-abuse. – Palestinian Media Watch

Hamas’s Ministry of Interior, which is part of its “governmental branch” that some in the international arena have sought to give legitimacy, posted a photo shoot on its official Facebook page last Friday, unveiling a tiny child soldier of the terror group.
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