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Icelandic lawmakers rush to ban circumcision

Eight Icelandic parliamentarians from across the political spectrum have signed the proposed legislation banning circumcision, proposing 6 years in prison for violators who perform the Jewish religious rite.

By Kobi Nachshoni


A bill submitted this week to the Icelandic parliament is calling for the banning of circumcision and sets the penalty for violators at six years in prison.

Senior European rabbis are fuming at the legislative initiative and are calling on Jewish communities on the continent to apply international pressure in order to prevent the bill’s adoption and ensure freedom of religion.

A Jewish ‘brit’, circumcision ceremony. – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP.pn

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Blekinge Sweden to seek ban on circumcision

Much of the intensification of efforts to ban ritual circumcision are by anti-immigration nationalists who seek to limit the effect that Muslim presence is having on Swedish society.


A county in Sweden is planning to ban non-medical circumcision of boys, its commissioner said.

Blekinge county, Sweden - Photo courtesy: Wikipedia Commons

Blekinge county, Sweden – Photo courtesy: Wikipedia Commons

Per-Ola Mattsson, commissioner of Blekinge County, said he would move ahead with plans to ban ritual circumcision by bringing the subject up in February with the county’s health board, according to an article published Thursday by the Sydöstran Daily.

According to Dagens Medicin, Mattsson, who is also chairman of the Public Health Board of Blekinge, said he opposed the practice because minors “have no possibility to say no to the surgery and therefore the county should not perform these procedures.”

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European Council Wants Ban on Circumcision

Calling circumcision of children a violation of human rights, the European Council calls for a legal ban until age 15.

By Maayana Miskin


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, a pan-European group, has passed a resolution condemning circumcision of children as a violation of human rights, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) reports.

Eitan's Brit

Secular “Brit Milah” Jewish circumcision ceremony – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The resolution passed with 78 in favor to just 13 against. Fifteen people abstained from the vote.

Representatives called to ban “certain operations and practices…before a child is old enough to be consulted.” The age suggested for allowing circumcision was 15. Continue Reading »